Sydney Metalcore Rising Sensations BROKEN EARTH Release Their Visceral New Single ‘Somniphobia’

Sydney’s Metalcore Rising Stars Broken Earth release their visceral new single ‘Somniphobia’. ‘Somniphobia’ is the perfect encapsulation of their unique syncopated instrumentation and modal choices that give rise to their raw and menacing sound. Incorporating a haunting and twisting narrative that will keep listeners on the edge of the seat, spine chilling vocals, pulsing synths and slamming breakdowns, Broken Earth deliver a song that is refined and introspective with commendable dynamic sensibilities. 

This relentless track introduces itself with a merciless punch setting the scene for the pensive soundscape to follow. Featuring heavy dropped tuned and rhythmically sophisticated fretwork, this audible manifesto is underpinned by superbly tight drum and bass grooves propelling the song towards the hook-laden chorus’s highlighting Vocalist Raph Smith’s impressive range and textures. The bridge takes on a new level of intensity with dual vocals by Smith and Guitarist Ben Robinson treating the listener to ‘call & response’ of guttural growls sitting atop a half timed breakdown, masterfully resolved by an ambient finger tapped passage.

Comprised of meritorious Musicians who are candid about their mental health, Broken Earth are set to utilise their platform to open a vulnerable conversation about how isolating it can be at the dead of night when sleep paralysis turns your reality into a literal nightmare that you can’t escape. 

Frontman Raph Smith on the new single “It felt like oftentimes night and day were blurred together for me in some nightmarish B-tier psychological horror movie for about 6 months, and when I opened up to Ben about it one night while trying to find a topic for the latest instrumental we had, we realised we had a shared struggle that we just needed a creative outlet for – the process lined up perfectly, even if at the time I never thought we would seriously keep the lyrics, we’ve come to a place where vulnerability is our biggest strength in our band, and that’s been through the difficult conversations over mental health that can sometimes go unsaid, I hope this starts a conversation for someone out there, or helps someone else not feel so alone in their head” 

Coming off a successful release of their single ‘Dance In The Dark’ which saw the band added to Spotify’s Homegrown & Heavy Editorial Playlist, Broken Earth, back and ready to sink their teeth into the Heavy Music Realm within Australia and beyond!

Written & Performed by Raphael Smith, Ben Robinson, Sebastian Schaber
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Christopher Vernon
Additional Vocal Production by Liam McDonald
Video by Kangiten Productions
Directed by Harry Vincent
Photography by Kangiten Productions
Artwork by Oliver Clark


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