Finland’s MARRAS stream new SPREAD EVIL album at Black Metal Promotion

Finnish black metal elite Marras stream the entirety of their highly anticipated second album, Endtime Sermon, at the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Set for international release on July 9th via Spread Evil Productions, hear Marras‘ Endtime Sermon in its entirety exclusively HERE.

It was but the autumn of 2019 when Marras burst from the void, fully formed, with their widely celebrated debut album, Where Light Comes to Die. Although a then-brand-new entity, the black metal this Finnish formation conjured forth exuded an ageless wisdom – which is not surprising given that the Marras‘ members hail several highly respected bands.

Now, as this cursed epoch continues on, Marras swiftly return with their second album, Endtime Sermon. Indeed aptly titled, Endtime Sermon sonically encapsulates the haunted (and haunting) sensations of these incredibly dark days: mania, depression, hopelessness, fear, longing, DEATH. That the expanded sextet can take these varied-yet-related sensations and brew them into black metal of a most quintessentially Finnish aspect and make each track a new-yet-unified experience is something special, and further proof that the Marras of Where Light Comes to Die was no fluke. If anything, Endtime Sermon spans delirious violence and stoic mysticism with equal aplomb, all joined together by a through-thread of the (darkly) cinematic, but the message remains the same: there still is no light, and these are the endtimes whether we accept the fact or choose to ignore it.

There will be ignoring Marras upon the release of Endtime Sermon. Heed their wisdom, or perish unenlightened.

Fully heed or perish exclusively HERE, courtesy of Black Metal Promotion. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Marras’ Endtime Sermon

1. Shadows Upon the Sacred Land
2. (1st Prophecy) Anointing Of The Sick
3. Endtime Sermon
4. From The Last Battleground
5. Gathered To Rule
6. (2nd Prophecy) Last Judgement
7. My Cold Grave
8. (3rd Prophecy) Pestilence
9. As Nights Get Darker
10. (4th Prophecy) Viaticum
11. From The Soot of Goahti


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