DISIMPERIUM – Portland, Oregon-Based Black/Death/Grindcore Terror Commando Unveil Pulverizing Debut EP – Track Premiered At Decibel Magazine

We’re proud and excited to seal an unholy pact with Portland OR black/death metal/grind terror commando Disimperium, as we prepare the release of their upcoming pulverizing debut EP “Malefic Obliteration”.

Featuring members of Misrule and Ascended Dead, on “Malefic Obliteration” Dismperium discharge a blinding assault of feral and merciless sonic devastation that will leave the listener crushed and disintegrated in its path. With an impenetrably dark and ultra-violent sound reminiscent of blackened death and grind war mongers like Knelt RoteDiocletian and Heresiarch, Dismperium tap into a mysterious realm of terror to harness the quintessence of chaos and negativity, condensing years of influences and concepts into a twelve-minute terrorscape of absolute sonic tyranny.

To coincide with the EP’s announcement, the work’s self-titled opening track has been unveiled by legendary metal magazine Decibel Magazine, who in commenting the the song’s inhuman brutality have remarked that “Disimperium are a whirlwind of blackened death metal with a shot of grinding aggression, nearly pushing the sound over the sonic line into war metal territory.” and that “The EP’s title track is a perfect example of what to expect from Malefic Obliteration, taking the aforementioned sound and adding a layer of noise; the only time the listener is given a respite from the explosion of distorted riffs and blast beats is when a layer of fuzzy noise briefly takes over the song.” – you can listen to the track and checkout the full feature HERE.

“Malefic Obliteration” will be officially released on July 23 2021 via Sentient Ruin Worldwide on LP/MC and digital formats, accompanied by a limited edition long sleeve shirt, and all products are now pre-ordeable on our webshop and Bandcamp profile.

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