UNDER AUBURN SKIES raises demolishing single “Afraid”, featuring Ronnie Canizaro of Born of Osiris!

Emerging metalcore act Under Auburn Skies delivers the first single off the group’s most recent EP – “Invention Of A Reason – the raw and effective Afraid”, featuring Ronnie Canizaro of Born Of Osiris! Based on pure aggression and emotion, exposed through the utilized direct composition, Afraid presents an incredible amount of sincere and genuine energy and powerful approach that are aiming to express the group’s frustration about the very worrying current state of the world and the tendencies that are being established in it, as this single can only provide the nature of the direction, which the band has incorporated in the upcoming “Invention Of A Reason”, available everywhere on 13th August!

Describing the missive behind the release, Under Auburn Skies collectively shares: “The idea of the song comes from being sick and tired of being another cog in the machine. Realizing that capitalism has become a modern form of mental, physical and spiritual slavery in the sense of not being able to be yourself due to working your life away with almost nothing to show for. It’s having the realization that we are not meant to live a life like this and it’s time for change as we aim to break free from this cycle. Being musicians, we have the capacity of expressing ourselves and finding joy in being independent as well as individuals who can find a break from menial work for a corporation or company that doesn’t care about our well being. Metaphorically speaking, we all slowly realize that we have become zombies to the corporate gain of our country and it feels that this lifestyle is basically brought upon us from birth with almost no real way out of it. With this song, we want to show and express that we realize that there is a problem with this form of “normality” that we are told to just accept and not question the outside world of our own reality from working our lives away. We hope to reach out to anyone and everyone who can relate to knowing there’s more to life than working your life away and our way of connecting with them is expressing ourselves through an escape with our music and enjoying the brief time you have away from work and embracing what time you have to be allowed to be yourself and be happy about it.”

“Afraid”, featuring Ronnie Canizaro of Born Of Osiris, is the first single off Under Auburn Skies’ upcoming EP – “Invention Of A Reason” – out on 13th August!


1. “Death Beds”
2. “Afraid”
3. “Transgression”
4. “Polar Opposite”
5. “Invention Of Reason”

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