EDEN – Idioteq premieres “Swallow Your Tongue” from blackened noise / post-metal project

“The First Circle” is the debut album by Blackened Noise / Post-Metal project EDEN. The album is set to be released in digital format via Brucia Records on July 30th 2021.

Today, the project unveils a brand new single from “The First Circle”“Swallow You Tongue” is now streaming at IDIOTEQ. Check it out HERE!Through an exclusive premiere at Cvlt Nation, the project launched the previous single “Gehenna” at THIS LOCATION!

A terrifyingly dark and demented album, skilfully combining caustic, abrasive and tormented black metal with demonic post – hardcore, industrial and noise.

 is not just a band, but an artistic initiative blending sonic and visual catharsis in order to explore lunacy, terror and fear through the use and manipulation of unusual mediums, including recycled materials, bowed guitars and prepared piano altered with bolts and screws.

A suffocating nightmare made by layers of bone-shattering sounds and told by a monstrous voice lurking in the dark and screaming in madness – “The First Circle” is an uncompromising showcase of psychopathy in music, and a truly disquieting and frightening listening experience.

Addictively dark, fiercely experimental, noisy and just purely extreme: EDEN’s debut album is the sound of the end of time as told by a deranged mind.

FFO: Terra Tenebrosa, The Body, early Swans

Album tracklist:

01 – The End of the Beginning
02 – Gehenna
03 – Swallow Your Tongue
04 – The First Circle
05 – Your Void is Mine
06 – The Beginning of the End


: Vocals, bass, guitars, percussions (smashed plates, toy drums, jars, pieces of wood), prepared piano (altered with bolts and screws), distorted violin, noise sample, bowed guitar, ukulele.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by EDEN
Graphic by Cesare Bignotti
Produced by EDEN + Evokaos (Brucia Records)


 is a collective of noise-makers: a collaboration project between various figures gravitating around the underground music scene whose intent is to create something frightening through the use and manipulation of unconventional mediums.

All songs are completely improvised and recorded in one take, using unusual instruments such as recycled materials, bowed guitars and prepared piano altered with bolts and screws.


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