SALLOW MOTH – Dallas Death Metal Insectoids Release Surprise New Album “Stasis Cocoon”

Out now via Bandcamp; cassettes to be released via Tridroid Records

Cover art by Adam Burke

North Texas death metal act SALLOW MOTH is proud to announce the surprise third chapter in its post-apocalyptic trilogy, titled Stasis Cocoon, available now via Bandcamp.


Continuing directly where the band’s second chapter, The Larval Hope, left off, SALLOW MOTH‘s third album surveys the aftermath of the Sallow Moth’s unyielding power that exiled most of the celestial population into the void.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band, Stasis Cocoon weaves its conceptual story through prog-fused Swedish death metal riffs, splashing a range of other styles to fit the turbulence and dynamics of the album’s story arc. Stasis Cocoon‘s stellar cover art was painted by Adam Burke (Bell WitchUnto Others).

Formed in Dallas during the summer of 2016, SALLOW MOTH is a concept project from sole member Garry Brents (Cara NeirGonemage, ex-Wildspeaker). Despite taking inspiration from various elements of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy, such as Swamp Thing Hellraiser, Lovecraft, and Magic: The GatheringSALLOW MOTH is not your dad’s death metal band.

As explained by Last RitesSALLOW MOTH‘s conceptual story arc revolves around a “world populated by celestial humanoid moths protecting and creating nature who fight against technology-obsessed humans and androids….Mr. Brents has also introduced a group of sorcerer moths, the Moss Deceptiva, who scavenge and thrive on chaos. So much chaos that the first two groups have formed an uneasy alliance to stop the threat.”

You can read SALLOW MOTH‘s third chapter, written in greater detail describing the conflicts and progression of the series, here.

Tridroid Records will release a cassette edition of Stasis Cocoon sometime in the future. More info on that soon.

Stasis Cocoon Track List: 
1. Chalice of the Void
2. Stasis Cocoon
3. Seal of Primordium
4. Fevered Visions
5. Phantasmal Sphere of the Shadowmage Infiltrator
6. Birthing Pod, Chaos Orb, Mindslaver
7. Drowner of Secrets, Bring to Light

FFO: Hypocrisy, Atheist, Cynic, Edge of Sanity, Dismember


Garry Brents – everything

Session members on Stasis Cocoon:
Armando Puente Jr. – guitar solos (Track 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7)
Jon Rosenthal – backing vocals (all tracks)
Tyler Berry – backing vocals (Track 1, 4)

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