Folk/Viking/Pagan Metal solo artist OSCENRAD released debut album “Beyond the Fells”

“Beyond the Fells” is the debut album of the solo artist Oscenrad (Hæðenwulf) and was released on May 28th.

“Beyond the Fells” features 6 tracks of Anglo-Saxon Heathen Metal in the vein of Bathory’s Viking Metal era (mainly Hammerheart, Twilight of the Gods and Nordland) with a mix of several influences from artists such as Moonsorrow, Thyrfing and Månegarm as well as traditional European folk music and classical music.

This album aims to immerse the listener completely, from start to finish, transporting them to a time of myth and magic, swords and spears, old, ruined castles and forbidden forests.

For fans of Moonsorrow, Bathory, Thyrfing, Finntroll, Forefather, Månegarm, Primordial…


1 – Across the Waves
2 – Beneath the Ancient Sky
3 – Beyond the Fells
4 – Seeress
5 – Runes Ye Shall Find
6 – Of Wolf and Blood


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