GHOST HORIZON stream “The Punishment of Life” at Metal Injection

Phoenix Arizona black metal band GHOST HORIZON have teamed up with Metal Injection to stream the entirety of  “The Punishment of Life“. The album is set to be released tomorrow.



Ghost Horizon was formed late in 2015 in Phoenix, AZ, by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Dan Stollings. The atmospheric black metal band’s new album ‘The Punishment of Life’ follows their 2016 debut EP ‘Astral Possession’ and 2017 EP ‘The Erotics of Disgust’. This album will be the first and last full-length album to feature just Dan Stollings and Frog Magus. A more major revamp to the band is coming and will be announced in near the future.

The Punishment of Life’ not only marks a significant chapter in Ghost Horizon’s career, but it also delivers a powerful sound through unconventional means. The album is the only Ghost Horizon material to be completely recorded with a real amp and mic – it’s essentially a ‘live’ recording. Vocals were all done in a single take and kept intact with all the imperfections that came with it. The result is an utterly haunting, ethereal experience. ‘The Punishment of Life’ opens with ‘Sunrise and Sorrow (Morning Air)’ which establishes Ghost Horizon’s dynamic atmosphere for the album. Their sound emerges from the darkness with alluring aura and shrill, spectral vocals pierce through the instrumentation. The black metallers balance dark and light sounds with both major and minor tonalities explored. The title track begins with a lullaby like melody, which is carried through into heavier sounds. A haunting, spiritual mood is enhanced through the transcendence of their use of tones. ‘Unholy Conjuration’ is the darkest and heaviest track on the album, drawing up an utterly Gothic, cult feel.

The new release celebrates the innovative creativity from Ghost Horizon. It’s a thrilling debut album. They have artfully cultivated a unique sound, experimenting with the epochal elements of black metal and developing their own identity. ‘The Punishment of Life’ is a beautifully chilling venture into the dark.


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GHOST HORIZON’s new album is out today!


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