CONSECRATION drummer, Jorge ‘Chaos’ Figueiredo signs to the Collision Drumsticks roster!

Following quickly on from the news that his band, Consecration, have announced their new deal with Redefining Darkness Records, drummer Jorge ‘Chaos’ Figueiredo has signed an endorsement deal with Collision Drumsticks. Collision revealed the new addition to their roster with the following statement:

We are extremely proud to sign Jorge Figueiredo, aka ‘Chaos’, to the Collision Drumsticks roster! We are thrilled to welcome Jorge as an Approach level Collision artist. Jorge plays with 7A Collision Drumsticks and is an incredible ambassador for the Collision brand.”

Jorge himself has given his full endorsement to his chosen 7A Collision Drumsticks, stating:

The quality of Collision drumsticks is amazing, durability is unmatched, the balance of the sticks is so well distributed. And then comes the service which is outstanding from the get go. Collision looks after their artists very well indeed.”

See Jorge’s new artist page on the Collision website here:
Hear the power of Chaos and Collision combined on the new video released by Consecration to celebrate their signing to Redefining Darkness:

Find out more about Consecration here
Visit all Consecration’s online presences through their web portal here
Visit Collision Drumsticks here
Visit Redefining Darkness Records here

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