DEATH ON FIRE ‘Six Foot Box’ Full EP Stream

Death On Fire bring together powerful elements of death, thrash, melodic death and old school to create a distinctive sound. Their new EP ‘Six Foot Box‘ delivers an array of styles through a dark atmosphere. Streaming exclusively via Legacy, the new EP lands on the 16th July 2021. 

Stream the EP in full at Legacy:

The band comments:

“This was a tumultuous year for so many people; emotionally draining, drenched in fear and grief and anger. This EP is a musical journey through those emotions. A catharsis. An exorcism of 2020 and all it held. We are excited for people to share in that with us and battle some demons with us too.”

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Hailing from Indiana, Death On Fire push the boundaries of the death metal genre by taking inspiration from a wide variety of sounds and compositional styles. Originally formed in 2016 by frontman Tim Kenefic, the project soon diverged from its initial intentions and began thriving in the underground metal scene with live performances. To date, Death On Fire have opened for the likes of Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals and Obituary.

Following the release of their 2019 single ‘Killing Time’, and the 2020 LP release ‘Ghost Songs’, Summer 2021 sees the next chapter in their discography with the upcoming release of ‘Six Foot Box’. The three track EP delivers an overall dark, heavy mood with each song embodying a unique aspect of their progressive sound. The title track cultivates a haunting atmosphere with a slow tempo, alluring dissonant lead guitar melody and raw emotional vocals. There is a distinctive Gothic twist as the chorus soars with a mixture of contrapuntal melodies exploring light and dark tones. By contrasting major elements with the minor tonality, the sound gains an uncanny edge. It’s a compositional technique that throws the listener by challenging what feels natural in the context of the sound. ‘A Hell of Our Own Design’ deviates in style to deliver explosive energy, intricate leads and heavy distortion. Before ‘Begging for Air’ dramatically unfolds with droning guitars and intricate riffs. This track is intense, distorted and a little disorientating; it experiments with progressive techniques in their composition to produce an apt sound for the disturbing theme.

Death On Fire venture into unconventional soundscapes to create something that is raw and haunting. The dark deathly themes that run through their music are elevated and the dynamics of their sound deliver a theatrical, aural experience.  

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