ANNIHILUS DELIVERS “The Voice of Shai-Hulud”

The song appears on Follow a Song From the Sky, set for release on August 13 via Federal Prisoner. 

“…explores the exciting intersection between black metal, punk, noise, drone and more.”​ – Revolver Magazine

Chicago’s Annihilus returns with a new single ahead of the August 13th release of Follow a Song From the Sky.  “The Voice of Shai-Hulud” arrives today; this noisy new track employs the crucial trademarks of black metal—furious riffs on treble-blasted guitars, howling vocals, and an overall in-the-red distortion on the mix.  Annihilus creator Luca Cimarusti comments, “This was the first song I wrote for this album, and is one of my favorites on it. I kind of used it to sonically and thematically guide the rest of the tracks, working more with layering guitars and synths and different vocal dynamics than I ever have before. While most of this record is very lyrically personal, this one takes elements from deep Dune lore, which are some of my favorite stories. The spoken word part in the chorus is borrowed from a Fremen mantra first shared in 1981’s God Emperor of Dune, which honors the harsh way of life and the unrelenting perseverance of the natives of Arrakis.”

Listen to “The Voice of Shai-Hulud” via Outburn (+ share from YouTube)

Annihilus began in 2019 as an exercise in self-sufficiency, creative curiosity, and discipline.  In true black metal fashion, Annihilus began as an austere venture and the artist released two tape E.P.’s followed by the critically-acclaimed debut full length Ghanima (American Decline Records) in 2020.  Initially, Cimarusti aimed to obscure his identity, allowing the music to take on the requisite degree of mystery and obscurity. “On the first demo I didn’t credit myself. I was planning to make the project anonymous,” he reflects. “But as I kept moving forward with it, I found myself more interested in breaking the rules of the genre.” On this new album, those stylistic breaks aren’t merely in presentation, but in performance and songwriting.

With his sophomore album Follow a Song From the Sky, Cimarusti continues to mine the atmospheric essence of black metal while pushing the stylistic, thematic, and emotional boundaries of the genre.

Follow a Song From the Sky will be available on digital and vinyl formats via Federal Prisoner on August 13th.  Pre-order the album here and revisit the music video for the explosive first single “Draw the Beast” here.

Annihilus photo by: Michael Vallera.

Follow a Song From the Sky, track listing:

1.  The Grand Illusion

2.  Twist Ending

3.  Draw the Beast

4.  Winter Song

5.  The Voice of Shai-Hulud

6.  AMA

7.  Isolation Tracking

8.  Song From the Sky

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