Canada’s THE BECKONING will release their latest EP on CD; introduce it with single “In Darkness”

The video exemplifies the beautiful dread and contentment you will experience when listening to The Beckoning‘s “Sanctuary.” The album will be available September 3rd via limited digital outlets and on CD through The Charon Collective.

Imagine modern day vampire aristocracy caught between high society and the dark clubs frequented by heavy metal fanatics. There they are – the undead, struggling with their eternal blood-craving curse, sitting in the lounge while the music blares all around them. All the time, sipping their English black tea with their pinkies extended. 

What are these brooding, redemption-seeking children of the night listening to? The sophisticated-yet-sinister sounds of Canadian gothic metal trio The Beckoning. Made up of Royden Turple, Meghann Turple, and Eldon Loewen, the group delivers a symphonic blend of operatic vocals and deathly growls all to the backdrop of melodic and crunching guitars that will bring to mind Cradle of Filth and early Therion.

You can get more info about The Beckoning on their Facebook page.

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