VENUES – release new single ‘Whydah Gally’ from upcoming album »Solace«

„German metal with a mission and a message“
(Kerrang UK)

 German modern metal outfit VENUES released their brand new single ‘Whydah Gally‘ from their upcoming album »Solace«, due for release on 27th August via Arising Empire.
»Solace« comes as CD and limited colored vinyl and unique merch bundle – pre-orders available now!

In close cooperation with videographer Marius Milinski the story that began in their previous music videos ‘Rite of Passage‘, ‘Shifting Colors‘, ‘Uncaged Birds‘ & ‘Mountains‘ goes on in another crazy and final round which underlines this striking new single.

“‘Whydah Gally’ was actually one of my favorite songs on ‘Solace’ from the start! It’s full of power and takes you on a stormy journey from the first few seconds on which you can only get off at the end. The story behind ‘Whydah Gally’ is that I said to the rest of the band that I really wanted to write a pirate song. Shortly afterwards, Valentin did the instrumentals and Lela and I started the lyrical story.” – Robin (vocals)

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“All these lost souls are setting sail
Spreading fear over the seas like a bride’s black bloodshed veil
No rules upon the seven seas
And now the torn black flag is waving in the never-ending breeze”

From the depths of their deepest crisis, VENUES emerge victoriously, welcoming two new members – clean vocalist Lela and guitarist Valentin. When former vocalist Nyves quit the band mid-tour, following the release of their pivotal debut »Aspire« (2018), the modern metal juggernaut was shaken to the bone. 

Despite this, the remaining members refused to give up and tirelessly searched for new talent. Following guitarist Constantin witnessing a performance of Lela at (of all places) at a STEEL PANTHER show, the band found their new clean vocalist.

VENUES went into the studio with producer Christoph Wieczorek (Annisokay) to record »Solace«, who coated their massive sound with a metallic alloy of remarkable precision.

“We wanted to be more metal,”Robin comments.“There were some pop sensibilities of Aspire we wanted to replace with rather the opposite.”

Melody and punch-drunk heaviness, metal and alternative rock, zeitgeist and authenticity, barbed choruses and unleashed creativity: with their soaring sophomore release, VENUES fulfill every single promise they gave on »Aspire«.

“2020 showed all of us how much the band is helping us keep our sanity,” guitarist Robin muses. “Almost the whole band went through minor or medium crises since the release of our debut. Relationships went sour, things were ended and begun. In times like these, our second album was the light at the end of the tunnel. Something we all could look forward to. Our music held our heads above water.”

It’s a big leap, going from »Aspire« to »Solace«, and it’s a logical one, too. Ten songs, ten exorcisms of negative energy, ten lifesavers.

»Solace« track listing:

  1. Razorblade Teeth
  2. Whydah Gally
  3. Rite of Passage
  4. Uncaged Birds
  5. Into the Fire
  6. Down Below
  7. Shifting Colors
  8. Our Destiny
  9. Deceptive Faces
  10. Mountains

VENUES released their debut album, »Aspire« in July, 2018.

‘We Are One’
‘Fading Away’ feat. Christoph Wieczorek (ANNISOKAY):
‘Nothing Less’
‘The Epilogue’

Lela | clean vocals
Robin | shouts
Constantin | guitar
Valentin | guitar
Dennis | drums

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