AUSSICHTSLOS set release date for new PURITY THROUGH FIRE album, reveal first track

Purity ThroughFire sets September 30th as the international release date for Aussichtslos‘ highly anticipated second album, Einsicht, on CD and A5 digipack formats. The vinyl LP version will follow later.

It was but March 2021 when Austria’s Aussichtslos burst from the void, fully formed, with their Völlig Aussichtslos debut album. Remarkably assured, classically inclined, the power-trio presented grim, harsh, but oft-hard-rocking black metal that favorably recalled the post-Strength & Honour landscape of Finland as well as ancient-days Germania ala Luror, Wolfsmond, and Hellfucked.

Striking while the iron’s literally hot, Aussichtslos return with their second full-length, EinsichtEinsicht was recorded in 2020, before the release of Völlig Aussichtslos took place. Therefore, the album was created in a natural catharsis without any input from the outside, comparable to an eremite who decides to isolate himself to reflect on his conception of life and the thoughts which lead to his actions, which furthermore shaped his existence and the way he perceives and interacts with the world surrounding him. To that, vocalist/guitarist Norsk’s lyrics show, on a very personal level, the inner struggle of human beings – but not only his own prison of thoughts, but also the hard fight of life of beloved and hated people close to him. Musically, guitarist/bassist Garst strove for a more direct transportation of feelings on the whole spectrum of self-awareness: on one hand, the overwhelming futility of your situation, and on the other hand, energizing riffs full of hope, which give you the courage to keep on fighting. Life is a pile of shit sometimes, and so you need some fucking rocking riffs to keep yourself going. Einsicht marches forward, stern and steely-eyed, proving that Aussichtslos are black metalsmiths of destiny.

Altogether, Aussichtslos again acknowledge that there is war inside the inner-self, but you can raise your sword and don the chainmail even more vigorously with Einsicht!

Raise that sword and don that chainmail with the brand-new track “Flächenbrand” HERE at Purity Through Fire‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Aussichtslos’ Einsicht
1. Flächenbrand
2. Sklaven
3. Ertränken
4. Fels
5. Spiegel
6. Erinnerung
7. Maske
8. Kerker

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