KRIGSGRAV To Release New Album “The Sundering”

Black metal trio Krigsgrav will release their highly anticipated new album The Sundering via Wise Blood Records on August 6th 2021.

Listen to the single “The Sun No Longer Reaches Here”:

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The buzz on the street:

“An absolutely stunning combination of atmospheric black metal and melodic death metal.”– Metal Injection

“Imagine a thunderstorm, wildfire and tornado occurring all at once, and you’ll get a good idea behind Krigsgrav.”– Decibel Magazine

“Easily one of the more intriguing LPs of 2021.”– Purgatory Reviews

“Beyond the enthralling black metal haze, Krigsgrav simply do what all the best melodeath bands do: write catchy riffs with big hooks that make you want to bang your head, pump your fist, and mosh ’til your heart’s content.” – Cave Dweller Music


Formed in 2004, black metal trio Krigsgrav  have constantly evolved throughout their  dusky discography. Originating as a two-man  band led by David Sikora, he welcomed new  members in 2011, transforming the band into a full four-piece unit. Recurring conspirator  Justin Coleman has remained a mainstay in Krigsgrav ever since. As the duo prepared to write the project’s sixth full-length, Krigsgrav approached Giant of the Mountain’s Cody Daniels about shifting from occasional live member to full-time lead guitarist. The result of their pandemic collaboration is The Sundering, a masterpiece of gray-skied black metal and melodic death/doom. 

“Krigsgrav represents the bleakness through which we view this world and how we interpret those emotions musically”. explains vocalist/guitarist Justin Coleman. “It is our version of spirituality, I guess you could say. Thematically, Krigsgrav is based around beauty in darkness, our stoic internal reflection and just the smallest amount of hope that can still be found, even at life’s darkest moments.” 

The Sundering is an exceptionally dark and downcast record that considers black metal a canvas instead of a genre prison. Krigsgrav channel the rustic atmospheres of Agalloch and Woods of Ypres while the somber moods of Katatonia and My Dying Bride seep into each composition. But the album also brings a storm of riffs with its dark-cloud ambience. Think the Swedish greats like Dissection and Dawn playing as cataclysmic winds come with nightfall. 

The Sundering will be released on CD, Cassette, and digitally on August 6th through Wise Blood Records. Listen to one of the year’s best black metal albums and face the darkness with Krigsgrav. 

Krigsgrav is: 
David Sikora: Drums, Bass, Backing Clean Vocals 
Justin Coleman: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Ambient Noise 
Cody Daniels: Lead Guitars 

Airplay dates: 
“The Sun No Longer Reaches Here” – Play after June 21st 
“Absence” – Play after July 9th 
“Dread the Night” – Play after July 23rd 

Pre-Order on Bandcamp:
Krigsgrav on Facebook:

Wise Blood Records on Facebook:

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