MORATORY ‘The Old Tower Burns Out 27th August via Planet K Records

Russian Thrash Metal Punk band Moratory is stoked to announce that their new album “The Old Tower Burns ” will be released on August 27th  in a special edition with 5 bonus tracks via Planet K Records. You can check the album video teaser here

The post nuclear concept “The Old Towers Burns” describes how a new era of humankind is coming: peak development of surveillance systems, private armies, confrontation of knowledge in global networks. 
How it influences us, how we survive and feel in the world of cyberpunk.
Only the old tower rises above it all as a symbol of old order and absurd idols. 
But sooner or later rudimentary rules will be collapsed by those who were rejected and exiled from rotten society. Revenge of the damned cannot be stopped!

Moratory started as a power hc thrash trio in 2011. They released their 1st self-titled EP in 2016, followed in 2018 by their first full length album “Confrontation”.
In 2019 Moratory released a new single “The More I See” and the split with German band SpeedKobra, immediately diving into Russian and European tours. Later in 2020 Moratory took a 
part in “A Russian Tribute to Bathory”compilation and started to record their second album “The Old Tower Burns”.The album has been recorded at Sic Sound Studio in the Saint-Petersburg suburbs. 

For fans of  Voivod, Venom, Discharge, Gbh, Midnight. 

Tracklist :
1.The Haunting Eye  
2.Wagner’s Path  
3.Dances of the Damned  
4.Project Humankind  
6.Green Serpent Fever  
7.Genocide State  
8.The Old Tower  
9.Fuck and Divide (Bonus Track)  
10.Reaper (Bathory cover)  
11.State Violence, State Control (Discharge cover) (2020)  
12.Catch Them (live in Zoccolo 2.0, 2021)  
13.Knife in the Dark (live in Zoccolo 2.0, 2021)  


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