IMPACT APPROVED – Sign With Wormholedeath & Announce “Into the Fray” Album!

German melodic death metal combo IMPACT APPROVED have signed with Wormholedeath a licensing deal for their new album “Into the Fray”, due for digital release on 10 09 2021 worldwide!

                   Expect the unexpected and follow them into the fray!!

Band Statement:

We are really looking forward to work with WHD  as a publisher for our music. We think that, due to the fact that our style of music is pretty unique, we need a reliable and strong partner to reach a bigger group of listeners. It also makes it easier for us to concentrate on the music and new ideas for further songs. On the other hand it makes us proud that we are supported by WHD and we hope that we will have a successful and positive collaboration during the next years.

About “Into the Fray” Album:

Actually the album was fully recorded and produced by Uwe who had played all instruments on this album. Maurice, who was busy in another band, was invited to listen and to be part of the arrangement process. Phil made the vocals and the production time for the album was roughly 3 weeks, from starting in the morning at 5:00am to 6:00pm in the evening. After production the side project evolved to a full band as written in the band bio. “Into the Fray” was reviewed by all band members and the final mix was arranged and the CD released. Short time later, Carlo contacted us and now we have signed up with your company.

  1. Flame of Madness
  2. Golden Age
  3. Last Good Fight
  4. Bodybag
  5. Final Stand
  6. Non Serviam
  7. Voidgazer
  8. Divide et Impera
  9. Maker´s Hand
Impact Approved was founded by Uwe and Philipp in 2018 as a side project without any intentions to form a “real” band, because they were active in other bands at this time. The style of music was clear from the beginning. Traditional melodic Death Metal with some modern style influences. After the launch of “FINAL STAND” on YouTube things began to roll and the search for additional band members was initialized. Due to the close relationship of all members and the fact that they have played together in various bands in the past this issue was solved in shortest time. Maurice joined in November 2019 and Armin completed the band in February 2020. Impact Approved was now ready to start serious work. After innumerable hours of rehearsals, programming and recording, the first album “Into the Fray” was born and it will be re-released via Wormholedeath worldwide. This album is a 9 track metal monster which displays the wide range of style and the risk to try something unusual in a traditional way. The album is available on CD. All songs are written, composed, recorded and produced by Impact Approved and the final result is breath-taking.
But there is no time to rest!!! Actually the band is focussing on new tracks which will follow the direction of “Into the Fray”, but lead into a wider musical horizon and metal genres like Djent, Math Core and Death Core will have an influence to the future sound and music of Impact Approved.
From left to right
Armin Witt – Guitars
Philipp Kock – Vocals
Uwe Reese – Drums
Maurice Zwoch – Bass

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