HEXENKLAD Shares Guitar Playthrough “Heathenheart” + New Album Out Now!

New Album “Heathenheart” Out Now!

L-R: Michael Grund – Guitar, Andrew Chalmers – Drums, Timothy Voldemars Johnston – Vocals, Matt Collacott – Bass, John Chalmers – Guitar 
Photo by Vikki Kay Photography

Canadian folk black metal band Hexenklad (ft. members of SIG:AR:TYR, Eclipse Eternal, Pagan Ritual) recently unleashed their second album “Heathenheart” via CDN Records on July 23rd. The 13 track album has something for everyone, from the chilling black metal “Cold Beauty of Winter” to the mid-tempo headbanger “Dark Moon in Capricorn” to the instrumental ”A Forest of Dead Trees” to the acoustic “We Raise a Horn”. This variance makes Hexenklad shine, their versatility is a true display of their talent and passion.

Hexenklad has a very distinct chemistry, which is only amplified by years of experience in music. Almost everyone in the band comes from another band in the Ontario metal scene including Eclipse Eternal, Pagan Ritual, Battlesoul and Of Hatred Spawn. The album also features several local guests including Emmanuel “Audeath” Audet (Black Empire/Winterfog); Nick Sauter (Treats for Addicts) and Alex Chalmers.

“This album was written very differently than the first album, which was mostly written by Hexenklad’s founder Michael Grund. It was very organic and the songs just grew together. Guitar parts were written first by both Michael and John with a few ideas put in by myself. Then drums were added by Andrew. Once those were all down and arranged, and then rearranged until everything flowed and made sense, then I let the melodies tell me what the songs were about and wrote the lyrics. Once we had the guitars, drums and vocal parts recorded, then the keyboards and bass were added.” adds the band.

Today, Hexenklad guitarist John Chalmers shares his playthrough for the album’s track via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

Chalmers adds:

“Heathenheart is a folk metal anthem.  As soon as it started to come together, we knew this had to be the single we released first. It is just so memorable and so poignant and relevant to the times we are all going through.  It is a song about being alone, yet all connected.  All Lone Wolves yet all part of a larger pack. About protecting and raising each other up. The song feels like its message. It is uplifting, powerful, memorable, anthemic.”

Those who enjoy both folk and black metal, who are looking for something unique and have an open mind, will find much in this album, especially those interested in Insomnium, Windir and Moonsorrow.

“Heathenheart” is available from CDN Records at https://cdnrecords.com/shop/hexenklad-heathenheart/


Music Video – Heathenheart – https://youtu.be/109-5f2P0N8
Lyric Video – Huginn and Muninn – https://youtu.be/uI2ORLXR8sI

Track Listing:
1. Heathenheart (5:02)
2. Cold Beauty of Winter (4:52)
3. Huginn and Muninn (4:14)
4. Dark Moon in Capricorn (5:13)
5. Rootbound (4:13)
6. The Raven Returns to the Knoll (4:33)
7. A Thousand Paths to Wisdom (4:26)
8. Olde Gods Awaken (5:53)
9. Beware the Outstretched Hand (5:21)
10. A Forest of Dead Trees (4:32)
11. Upon the Wings of Valkyries (7:03)
12. A Moment of Silence (1:00)
13. We Raise a Horn (4:07)
Album Length: 1:00:36

Album Credits:
Timothy Voldemars Johnston – Vocals, Lyrics
Michael Grund – Guitar. Bass on songs 4, 7, & 9
John Chalmers – Guitar. Bass on song 13
Andrew Chalmers – Drums & Percussion
Clare B. – Keyboards & Orchestrations  
Emmanuel “Audeath” Audet (Black Empire/Winterfog) – Bass on Songs 2, 5, 8, 10, & 11
Matt “Coldcuts” Collacott – Bass on songs 1, 3, & 6
Nick Sauter – (Treats for Addicts) Guitar Solo on song 7
Alex Chalmers – Clarinet on song 13

All songs by Hexenklad
Song 2 written by Jon Kal and Hexenklad  
Lyrics on songs 4 & 8 by Michael Grund
Recorded at Shiver Sound Studios by John Chalmers
Audeath’s Bass recorded at Black Amp Studio
Mixed at BWC Studios by Greg Dawson
Mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches
Cover art by Darek Zawiązalec of Black Forest Forge
CD Layout by Robo of Element 6 Custom lmn6.ca
Photography by Vikki Kay Photography
Canadian Content (MAPL)

Live Band Line Up:
Timothy Voldemars Johnston – Vocals
John Chalmers – Guitar
Steve Bowen – Guitar
Matt “Coldcuts” Collacott – Bass
Andrew Chalmers – Drums

For more info:

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