JEFF BLACK releases new single featuring James Delbridge of Lycanthro

Jeff Black of Gatekeeper has released his latest in a barrage of heavy metal singles, “Silence”, via Ghost Cult Magazine. The song features Lycanthro vocalist James Delbridge on guest vocals.

Listen here:

Taking the idea of a one man show to the next level, power metal power house Jeff Black has undertaken the ambitious offering of releasing a single each month for an entire year! Featuring guests from premiere power metal and traditional heavy metal acts such as: Adamantis, Lycanthro, Seven Sisters and Greyhawk, Black knows how to create powerful collaborations and bring the heavy.

Heavily inspired by classic heavy metal bands such as Helloween, Blind Guardian and Avantasia as well as progressive metal like Fates Warning, Vola and Queensryche, you can expect each single to take a different turn.

Black brings precision, balance and energy into each single. The Gatekeeper founder turned solo side hustler, not only performs but records everything himself bringing a sense of personality completely unique to him.

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