FUSTILARIAN set release date for AMOR FATI debut, reveal first track

Amor Fati Productions announces September 15th as the international release date for Fustilarian‘s striking debut album, All This Promiscuous Decadence, on CD format. The vinyl LP version shall follow early next year.

A mysterious new entity, Fustilarian is the work of one man inspired by the dark vision over human decay, his unnatural world, and the decadence of urban dysphoria. The entity’s first public work, All This Promiscuous Decadence comprises eight songs in 43 minutes, bearing an aspect both timeless and palpably modern. Its black metal is undeniably rooted in more traditional Satanic tropes of the ’90s, but a subtle or at least underlying layer of the next millennium’s introspective BM plays a no-less-vital role.

What results across All This Promiscuous Decadence is a firestorm of molten, muscular surge and almost coolly cruising violence. This dichotomy pays dividends, as Fustilarian drags the listener through catacombs of the self and subconscious, each haunting & hysteric turn as treacherous as the last. The ever-present violence is thusly directed inward as it is outward, furthering that totality which again seems almost effortless for this entity, its confidence bespeaking bottomless depths of darkness in a perverse twist of fate. But, with a stand-to-attention title like All This Promiscuous Decadence, perhaps such perversity shouldn’t be surprising at all…

Girded in a powerfully professional production that renders these virulent visions in shocking 3D, All This Promiscuous Decadence firmly puts Fustilarian in esteemed company, from the classic mid/late ’90s melodic black metal vanguard to the orthodox/spiritual black metal movement it would engender during the first decade of the 2000s.

Hear for yourself with the brand-new track “Deceived in Ravenous Perversion” HERE at Amor Fati ‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Fustilarian’s All This Promiscuous Decadence

1. Reversed Ascension
2. Born In Neglect Embrace
3. Irreversible Cessation
4. Deceived In Ravenous Perversion
5. Interlúdio (A Alienação dos Inquietos)
6. Swallowed By The Nether Regions of Chaotic Isolation
7. Carving Crystal Adornments Upon The Flesh
8. The Vacant Dispirit

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