CONFUSED release “I Want A Beer” video

Crossover thrashers CONFUSED have released a hilarious video for their song “I Want a Beer“. The song is from their upcoming album Riot  will be released on August 27th 2021.

Watch the video:


Originally formed in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley in 1988 by front man and songwriter Al Del Barrio, the band draw influences from classic acts such as M.O.D., Agnostic Front and D.R.I. Over their career, expanding more than three decades, the outfit have powered through times of difficulty and continue to push themselves further with each release. ‘Riot’ is no different delivering an onslaught of sounds.  From the opening track, ‘Chaos’, with a catchy chorus hook through to the overdrive fueled ‘I Love Hardcore’, this album is constantly throwing punches. The intense energy firing out of each track obliterates anything in its path. The aggressive sound delves into the realms of ludicrous thrash tempos and powerful punk angst.

‘Riot’ leaves no prisoners rushing through the chaos of the past year in blast of thrash and hardcore punk. It’s over the top and CONFUSED’s sense of humor shines through. Heavy, hard hitting and utterly hypnotic, ‘Riot’ is a release jam packed full of high-speed fun.



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