Progressive Metal Project COGNOS to Release Self-Titled Debut on Willowtip Records

Progressive metal project COGNOS will release their self-titled debut this fall on Willowtip Records. Recorded under the veil of anonymity, Cognos fuses elements of extreme metal, new age, and prog for a 10-track journey that breeches the dimensional threshold.

Willowtip Records is introducing the enigmatic force that is COGNOS with the premiere of album track “Orb.” The band comments on the song:

“This is one of the opening tracks of the album. Its inspiration came from the fact that everything that floats on space tends to have the shape of an orb as the ultimate state of evolution. Existence out there is just a journey to become a sphere, and all that isn’t so, it’s just too young.”

Stream “Orb” at

Willowtip Records will release Cognos on CD and digital formats on October 22. Pre-order the album at

Track Listing:
I ·
II · Orb
III · Pharos
IV · Cometary’s Waltz
V · Light Years Coral (featuring guest vocals by GS)
VI · Plenary Void
VII · Hierarch
VIII · If Skylines Collide
IX · Tririzon
X · Monolitheor

Cognos was composed and recorded by COGNOS with drums by Ed. G. San’s blood, flesh, and bone. Artwork by IS and AR.

COGNOS is music and a concept, born from the thirst of creating uneven mixes and sensations rarely found today. A project from no specific country with a line up we prefer to remain unknown.

COGNOS links extreme styles with atmospheric ambience, trying to find the balancing point where Gojira meets Vangelis, Peter Gabriel embraces Coroner or even where Enya converses with Opeth.

With a possible loose resemblance to Devin Townsend, COGNOS pursues to represent the atmosphere and the overwhelming sensation one experiences just before contemplating something that surpasses our very own cognition. A bewildering presence that inexplicably embraces us to travel.

We could say that it is a tribute to the agnostic awe we all feel on a spiritual level, avoiding any implication of the human race and its mundanity. The anonymity of this project complements the concept of the album. It encourages us to set aside prejudices and simply listen. If it manages, even for a split second, to transport you away from where you are, COGNOS will have delivered.

Tearing apart what’s human is our privilege. And the result is beautiful.

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