BURIAL IN THE SKY – Prog/Tech-Death Unit Launch Early Stream Of The Consumed Self At Toilet Ov Hell. Album Out Friday Via Rising Nemesis Records

Burial In The Sky partnered with Toilet Ov Hell to launch an early full stream of their 3rd Full-Length, The Consumed Self. Out This Friday, August 13th via Rising Nemesis Records

You can listen to Burial In The Sky – The Consumed Self HERE

Says Toilet Ov Hell:
“It took me a little less than 15 minutes of listening to The Consumed Self to determine it was easily Burial In The Sky’s best album.

Let’s back up a bit. Burial In The Sky released their first full(ish)-length album, Persistence of Thought, back in 2016 at a time when a fair amount of the tech death landscape was hopping on the Fallujah atmo-tech bandwagon. The quality of it was all over the spectrum, too; just that year, Inanimate Existence released the poorly-realized Calling from a Dream and Virvum put out their resplendent debut in Illuminance. Fallujah themselves released Dreamless, a contentious follow-up to The Flesh Prevails. Among these releases, I posited Persistence of Thought was one of the stronger releases, a potential usurper for the atmospheric tech death throne upon which Fallujah had held an iron grip.

Time, as it turns out, is a hell of thing; of the aforementioned albums, the only one I still regularly listen to is Illuminance. Perspectives change, and the atmo-trend has died down a bit, the bands having finished their astral excursions and returning to the realm of the real. It’s probably for the best, too; a lot of the releases that people picked up on were starting to sound a little homogenized, and for all the good ideas these bands had, I’m glad to hear a little more variety in the genre.

So where does this leave Burial In The Sky, a band who emerged in the thick of all this? As you might expect, they have also descended, though not entirely to earth; the atmospheric parts were a huge part of the band’s sound on previous albums, and that hasn’t changed here. Instead, the band seems to have reevaluated how they explore that side of their music; it no longer forms the bulk of the album, instead being used at key points for maximum impact. The majority of The Consumed Self is more riff-driven, more solid for lack of a better term. It’s powerful melodic stuff, more aggressive, more focused, but tempered with the measured use of airy atmospheric sections.”

About The Album
Established progressive/technical death metal outfit Burial In The Sky is excited to announce the upcoming release of their third album, The Consumed Self. Out August 13th via Rising Nemesis Records. It is the follow-up to the group’s well-received 2018 sophomore album, Creatio et Hominus.

Acclaimed visual artist Justin Abraham (Equipoise, Dessiderium, Inanimate Existence) was tapped to create the epic cover art for The Consumed Self. The album was produced, engineered, and mastered by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland at Atrium Audio known for their work with Rivers of Nihil, August Burns Red, and Black Crown Initiate. 

Active since 2013, the Philadelphia-based group has kept a steady pace on record and live over the years. With each new release, refining and expanding their wide-ranging take on progressive/technical death metal. This time around, the addition of new second guitarist Brad Hettinger, further contributions around from several members, and an impressive array of eclectic guest musician spots help elevate The Consumed Self into the group’s finest hour yet.

The Consumed Self continues Burial In The Sky’s signature brand of atmospheric and often ethereal brand of technical/progressive death metal while pushing both their aggressive and cerebral centers of focus toward dazzling new heights. Making for an album that delivers on multiple fronts and has something to offer something for almost any death metal fan’s tastes. Burial In The Sky – The Consumed Self is sure to be counted among the best albums of the year for progressive death metal. 

The album will strongly appeal to fans of bands such as Black Crown Initiate, Fallujah, Rivers Of Nihil, Alustrium, and Virvum. 

Burial In The Sky Band Statement Regarding The Consumed Self
“The Consumed Self is inspired by some of the great dystopian fantasies of the past. We wanted to create a world that felt real and tangible. With that, the music had to be digestible and convey a wide array of emotions. This took a lot of growth for us to accomplish. We had to become better musicians and storytellers to create The Consumed Self.”

US and EU pre-orders for The Consumed Self are now live as well 

Digital only:

Burial In The Sky – The Consumed Self Line-Up
Sam Stewart – Drums, Aux Percussion, Synth
Zach Strouse – Bass, Saxophone, Vocals (Sax for Rivers of Nihil)
Jorel Hart – Vocals (ex-Cognitive)
James Tomedi – Guitars, Mandolin, Accordion, Synth, Vocals
Brad Hettinger – Guitar, Vocals

*Guest Musician List

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