SCARS releases new music video and commemorative merchandise!

“Ghostly Shadows”, the brand new music video brazilian thrash giants SCARS, will be premiered exclusively during the Metal Na Lata Online Fest, next Saturday, August 7th, from 8pm (8PM BR – 6PM NY – 11PM UK – 8AM Thurs JP), broadcast on the Metal Na Lata YouTube channel ( After its preview, it will also be made publicly available on the band’s official channel (

Facebook event:
“Ghostly Shadows” Teaser:

The original version of “Ghostly Shadows”, whose lyrics were co-written by the band’s former bassist, Andre Sterzza, is an integral part of the band’s highly acclaimed, latest album, “Predatory”, released in August 2020 by US label Brutal Records (USA/Canada) and Voice Music (Brazil), but this version comes with an entirely new solo, recorded by the band’s current guitarist, Ricardo Lima (Tosco, Chemical Disaster, Tailgunners). All images were filmed at Studio V8, in Sao Paulo/SP, with photography directed by Denis Gomes and post-mixing by the band itself.

In celebration of the release of the new music video and to celebrate their 30th anniversary, the band has added new “Ghostly Shadows” custom t-shirt prints (including female models!) to their entire catalogue, through a partnership with the company, Anger Camisetas (@angercamisetas).

Buy yours now and celebrate three decades of great Thrash Metal with these giants! There are many different models in black, gray and white, in all sizes ranging from S to XXL and with different forms of payment / instalments (up to 3x interest-free!).

Official Store:

More about SCARS:

Since the official return of SCARS to activities in 2018, the expectation for new material was great, not only on the behalf of the brazilian quintet fans, but also for the musicians who plunged headlong into this return. That wait didn’t take long and two new singles, “Armageddon” and “Silent Force”, both produced by Wagner Meirinho (Warrel Dane, Torture Squad) were released in 2019, slaking at least a little everyone’s anxiety for a long-awaited successor of great works from the past, such as “The Nether Hell” (EP/2005) and “Devilgod Alliance” (Album/2008).

“Predatory”, acclaimed as one of the best releases of 2020, also produced, mixed and mastered by Wagner Meirinho, has 11 tracks, 9 of them completely unreleased and 2 singles from 2019 as extras, rescuing the main influences based on traditional american Thrash Metal. Marking and torn riffs, brutal vocals, extremely technical solos, heavy cuisine, all this added to strong themes related to the rampant killing of animals, violence, depression, war, religion and everything that destroys the contemporary world in every way. Even though the songs are part of a context, “Predatory” is not considered a concept album and was released in August 2020, via Brutal Records (USA and Canada), Proper Music (Europe) and Voice Music (Brazil).


“Ultimate Encore” (Split CD/1994)
“The Nether Hell” (EP/2005)
“Devilgod Alliance” (Album/2008)
“Armageddon” (Digital Single/2018)
“Silent Force” (Digital Single/2019)
“Armageddon On Tour” (Digital Compilation/2019)
“The V8 Sessions: Vol.1” (Live) (Digital/2019)
“Predatory” (Album/2020)
“The V8 Sessions: Vol.2” (Live) (Digital/2020)
“Scars 30 Years – The Single Collection” (Box) (Digital/2021)

Current Line-Up:

Regis F. – Vocals
Alex Zeraib – Guitars
Ricardo Lima – Lead guitars
Marcelo Mitche – Bass
Joao Gobo – Drums

Listen to SCARS on:

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