KILLING – “Face The Madness” out today

Thrash has had so many waves, ups and downs that it’s almost impossible to trace back the whole story of the style. The fans, however, remain the same since bands such as Slayer and Metallica developed a speed and more aggressive take to NWOBHM as a backlash against the Reagan-era conservationism and the pop culture that ruled the early 80’s. KILLING is the product of just that. A bunch of kids raised to the sound of the classic thrash metal we all know, that made them pick up their instruments and want to thrash like their idols.

To make a long story short, this is the back-bone of “Face The Madness”, the debut album of the Midtjylland fab-four that will simply be known as “one of the best thrash albums of the year 2021”

“Face The Madness” is out today in digital and CD formats by Mighty Music. LP version will be out on September 13th. All physical formats are available here.

“Killing” tracklist:
1. Kill Everyone
2. Before Violence Strikes
3. Don’t Get Mad, Get Evil
4. See You In Hell
5. Legion Of Hate
6. Straight Out Of Kattegat
7. One Last Victim
8. 1942
9. Killed In Action

Line up:
Jesper Skousen: drums
Snade: guitar
Rasmus Holm Sørensen: guitar
Rasmus Soelberg: vocals, bass



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