Thrash Metal Titans PARADOX Unleash Brand New Song From Upcoming Album “Heresy II – End Of A Legend”!

Heresy II – End Of A Legend coming September 24th on AFM Records!

When today’s thrash metal classic „Heresy“ was released in 1990, the world was different. The internet was nearly unknown. Mobiles were as big as buffalo bones. Wacken Open Air was a party for the village louts. These are stories from a long forgotten time. But Charly Steinhauer and his band PARADOX are still here and September 24, 2021 will see them release their brand new, 8th studio album, Heresy II – End of a Legend, through AFM Records!

The roots of the band go way back to 1981. After several changes of names, PARADOX was born in 1986. Their debut, “Product of Imagination“ (1987), came like a fresh breeze blowing through the scene, their concept album “Heresy” was the international breakthrough and catapulted the band into the first league of cult thrashers. More than 30 years later, PARADOX is finally releasing its worthy successor, Heresy II – End of a Legend.

After previously- released album singles, “Priestly Vows” and “The Visitors”, today PARADOX premiered another blistering song taken from their upcoming magnum opus! Listen to the brutally fast- paced thrash juggernaut, “Mountains And Caves“, right here:

For their new album, frontman Charly Steinhauer gathered round a very special line up: Guitar wizard Christian Münzner and long time bass player Olly Keller are back after a break of one album. Also PARADOX co-founder and drummer Alex Blaha returns on Heresy II – End of a Legend. Peter Vogt, who was the man behind the lyrical concept of the first two PARADOX albums and who wrote the story of the crusade of the Catholic Church against the schismatic Cathars in the 13th century, is also again a part of the band’s new record. Now, their tale finally continues: Musically and lyrically, Heresy II – End of a Legend starts where the first part ended in 1990.

“In 1244 at the siege of Montsegur, two groups of Knights were tasked with removing the ‘Cathar Treasure,“ Charly comments. “The story tells of the dangerous journey these two groups endured, and through visions they are getting told of the myth of Jesus Christ, that the real messiah was in fact John the Baptist.“ About their new single, “Mountains And Caves”, he tells us:
“After escaping the burning the two knights escape through secret tunnels in the mountain. For many days they run towards their home, no longer pursued they arrive back at the silent caves they call home, the villagers thinking they were dead are overjoyed to see them alive.

Mountains And Caves is one of the many fast songs from the new album and it’s pretty straight in face! A typical PARADOX delicacy with a solo part by Christian Münzner, who once again gets under your skin and shows how the lightning strikes!“

75 minutes between razor- sharp riffage, a pounding rhythm force and the distinctive voice of Charly, PARADOX stand true to their style. Heavily influenced by the first three Metallica records, the Bavarian outfit found and improved their sound decades ago. Old school meets new production techniques. Finally and after a long lean period, on September 24th fans can expect the return of thrash with class, while PARADOX succeed in sounding nostalgic and modern at the same time.

Heresy II – End of a Legend was produced by Steinhauer himself and mastered by Hannes Grossmann in MordorSound Studio in Veitsbronn, the album pre- sale is now available at THIS LOCATION!

Heresy II – End of a Legend Tracklist:
01. Escape From The Burning
02. Mountains And Caves
03. The Visitors
04. Children Of A Virgin
05. Journey Into Fear
06. Burying A Treasure
07. A Meeting Of Minds
08. Priestly Vows
09. Unholy Conspiracy
10. A Man Of Sorrow (Prologue)
11. A Man Of Sorrow
12. The Great Denial
13. End Of A Legend

Charly Steinhauer (Vocals / Guitar)
Christian Münzner (Guitar)
Olly Keller (Bass)
Axel Blaha (Drums)

PARADOX online:

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