ALTARS OF THE MOON – BrooklynVegan Streams Brahmastra Debut From Members Of Uada, Chrome Waves, Lotus Thrones, And More

BrooklynVegan is hosting an exclusive stream of Brahmastra, the debut by ALTARS OF THE MOON – a collective formed in the 2020 quarantine by members of Uada, Chrome Waves, Lotus Thrones, and more – as the record is prepared for release through Disorder Recordings this Friday.

What does the vast majesty of isolation sound like? Born of the idea to craft a single piece of sonic destruction, ALTARS OF THE MOON was conceptualized in the mind of Nate Verschoor (Uada) during the initial Covid lockdown of 2020. After burying himself in its inspiration, a single thirty-minute journey into the depths of massive soundscapes and dark movements was born.

At this point, Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, Deeper Graves, ex-Wolvhammer) was brought into to sculpt this piece into a lean maelstrom of experimental post-black metal recalling other forward thinking avant-garde acts such as Dødheimsgard, Blut Aus Nord, and Virus. Such an open piece of art needed a voice and a story, with the idea of something more unique vocally, Heath Rave (Lotus Thrones, ex-Wolvhammer) was enlisted to set the tone and thus Brahmastra was born. Based on the idea of an ancient Hindu nuclear weapon, a poem of extinction was laid in mantra upon the storm.

Brahmastra was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Wilson at Disorder Recordings headquarters, and completed with cover art by Nate Verschoor.

Heath Rave reveals of the process, “It was as if playing a continental game of exquisite corpse. While when it was initially conceived by Nathan, he didn’t know what Jeff would do to it and after it was sent to me, what I returned took it to an even further dimension away from its initial beginnings. It was incredible to collaborate on such an interesting piece of art.”

Writes BrooklynVegan, “The result is a gargantuan piece of music that pulls from sludge metal, post-rock, folk music, goth, space rock, and more, and it all comes together to create something you can really immerse yourself in.”

Listen to ALTARS OF THE MOON’s Brahmastra in its entirety now through BrooklynVegan at THIS LOCATION.

Brahmastra will see digital release through Disorder Recordings this Friday, August 20th. Preorders can be placed HERE.

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