THE WAY OF PURITY – To Enter Studio & Announce Their 5th Album!

International hardline vegan project The Way Of Purity just announced that they will enter the studio to record their 5th album on Setember the 4th.

This time the studio is kept secret and according to the information we have, The Way Of Purity are ready to launch their religious cult straight after the release of the album.

The album title is in fact confirmed as “The Order Of The Deep Roots” which is also the cult’s name.

Bass Player Without Name stated:“Everything depends on how the cult will develop but if we will be very busy with it, this could even be our last album, as a music project. The situation of this world has made us think that we need to create a safe “place” for all the people that deserve and want a family. The cult will protect its members and will carry on a lot of activities to save animals and magic rituals as well. We will try to achieve what we want through magic rituals and through our own religion. The deep roots that we have in nature are taking us away from humanity more and more, therefore this cult will help us to isolate from the dangerous/crazy world and will give its members the opportunity to help and get help from the brothers and sisters belonging to the cult. A proper statement will be issued with the album release but in the meantime, everybody interested to get to know more about “The Order” can get in touch with us at this email: We are looking forward to hear from you. “

The new album will feature 7 new songs and will be released via Wormholedeath worldwide during 2022. The new sound direction, according to the pre-productions we have, is going towards a mix of Dream Rock and Dark Wave with the usual Hardcore approach and attitude. The line up is the same as their previous, critically acclaimed, album “Schwarz Oder Rot”.

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