FECULENT to have debut EP released on CD by CHAOS RECORDS

Chaos Records releases Feculent‘s striking debut EP, The Grotesque Arena, on CD format.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Feculent are death metal bastard conjurers, and The Grotesque Arena is their first public recording. The band comprises a wretched coalition of already highly acclaimed musicians, featuring current members of Shackles, Snorlax, Resin Tomb, Descent, Siberian Hell Sounds, and Idle Ruin. A blended infection of rotten amygdalic death-doom and perverted blasts of vacuumus void, The Grotesque Arena is an unyielding hammer of cavernous hate cast upon an already butchered mind.

Hear The Grotesque Arena in its entirety HERE at Chaos Records‘ Bandcamp. Ordering info can be found HERE. Cover artwork, courtesy of Jon Weber, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Feculent’s The Grotesque Arena
1. The Grotesque Arena: Upon Splintered Bone
2. Host Consumed
3. Weaponisation of the Amygdala: Endless Warfare
4. A Pit of Unscalable Depths
5. Beneath Bedlam
6. The Grotesque Arena II: A Perverse Spectical


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