LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR disclose album details

Four years have passed since LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR‘s enigmatic debut “Nocta” appeared from the shadows. Now, the sepulchral entity reveal the coming of their second album, “Charnel Noir“, on October 1st. Potently blending cinematic Deathrock, ghoulish Doom, heavy Post-Punk and atmospheric Black Metal, LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR‘s new offering is music for dark souls and lovers of canonical Gothic works. LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR is vampirism, necromancy, and Devil worship.

Nine seductive compositions form “Charnel Noir“:

01. Charnel Noir 
02. Our Night Hours 
03. Ghost Moon 
04. Hymn In Hemlock 
05. Lid Of A Casket 
06. There Are Many Shadows 
07. The Endless Procession Of The Guillotine 
08. Spectres 
09. Fangs In The Tree Of Life

With ‘Spectres‘, LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR grant a cold, tense, and haunted first impression of their coming longplayer. Debemur Morti Productions are proud to present this first shadow-song in collaboration with famous webzine Metal Injection who adequately note that the song is simply sexy as hell.

Spectres‘ can now be streamed via Bandcamp and on our YouTube channel:

Artist O-A comments:

Like any piece associated to LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR, the guiding principle was to capture the essence of the darkest night in varying shades, and in ‘Spectres‘ case, a thrumming, inescapable dread. I would recommend listening alone, by candlelight, in the months of the year when the shadows begin to grow long.

Charnel Noir” will be released on CD and digitally on October 1st. The vinyl version will be available on December 10th. Pre-orders will begin on September 6th.

LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR is an unending prayer to the darkness of the world. It is the glow of graves at midnight. It is the voidshadows that shiver and move between crumbling tombs. It is the fangs in the tree of life.

LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR is a ritualistic summoning of gloom, unholy radiance, and the ghosts of darker times.

LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR is vampirism, necromancy, and Devil worship.

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