VULVODYNIA release new single/video featuring Oliver Rae Aleron (Archspire)

‘Banquet of Enigmatic Horrors II: Agony’ streaming now

New album Praenuntius Infiniti out 17th September 2021 via Unique Leader Records

South African death metal six-piece Vulvodynia have released new single / video ‘Banquet of Enigmatic Horrors II: Agony’ ahead of their new album Praenuntius Infiniti, which is out 17th September via Unique Leader Records.

Featuring guest vocals from Oliver Rae Aleron (Archspire), watch the video for ‘Banquet of Enigmatic Horrors II: Agony’ here:

Pre-order Praenuntius Infiniti here:

The band commented: “We are super excited to release this single, it’s the second half of a two-part epic. ‘The Banquet of Enigmatic Horrors, Part 2: Agony’ is for sure a band favourite! Not only for how pummelling it is but also because of the guests we have on it. Malcolm Pugh of Inferi shows up on our track-list again with his tasteful display of Orchestration and alien theremin use. But what really sends this single over the edge is machine gun vocal extraordinaire Oliver Rae Aleron of Archspire. He completely blew us away with his absolutely insane yet precise speed vocals. We hope old fans and new fans alike can appreciate this behemoth!”

Watch the video to previous single ‘Banquet of Enigmatic Horrors I: Terror’ here:

An unending sea of carnage, a God-turned-beast devouring everything within its path, an epic, sprawling tale of the consumption of galaxies and their inhabitants – and the duality of battling deities that takes place to bring the reign of Praenuntius to an end. What does this all mean? Simply put, it means Vulvodynia – South Africa’s premium death metal export – are back with Praenuntius Infiniti, their fourth full-length release and a label signing to boot. Completing the tale established in their critically acclaimed 2015 EP Finis Omnium IgnorantiamPraenuntius Infiniti is one hour of flesh-melting, bone-busting death metal, infused with slamming elements and spine-shrinking breakdowns that capture the very crux of heavy, intense music. Produced by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy), the band’s Unique Leader Records debut displays Vulvodynia’s continued maturation and incorporation of melodic, technical and hyper aggressive elements into their backbone of brutal slamming death metal, to achieve what stands as their most diverse, engaging and immolating offer to date.

On the concept, the band conclude: Praenuntius Infiniti tells the story of an inter-dimensional godlike being and his quest for ultimate power. After being cast out into the abyss by the elder Gods, Praenuntius begins devouring all of the known Multiverse on his journey to divine omnipotence. At the end of our 2015 release Finis Omnium Ignorantiam the earth gets eaten and travels through centuries of darkness down his gullet into the eternal wasteland of galaxies. The heavens are slowly torn asunder as the Gods scramble for a plan to defeat him. Battles rage and drama unfolds as the earth and other planets within his belly try to fight off the ruthless invasion of his spawn. Shall the Gods prevail or shall Praenuntius devour all!?”

Vulvodynia are:
Duncan Bentley: Vocals
Luke Haarhoff: Guitar
Kris Xenopoulos: Guitar
Lwandile Prusent: Guitar
Chris Van Der Walt: Bass
Thomas Hughes: Drums

Vulvodynia  online:
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