CARRION VAEL to release new album

Technical death metal quintet from Richmond Indiana, CARRION VAEL, announce their new album Abhorrent Obsessions releasing this winter.

“We’re thrilled to announce the release of our third album Abhorrent Obsessions coming this winter.  We put our all into this album, creating faster and more technical songs than we ever have, and we are very excited for its release.”

CARRION VAEL originally formed in 2017 released their debut of Resurrection of the Doomed the same year.  2020 saw the unveiling of God Killer released via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.  The obliterating outfit unleash an outpouring of terror and fury through haunting, demonic vocals, ludicrous technical riffs and powerful blast beats. CARRION VAEL fuse elements of Swedish melodic metal with traditional American Death Metal to manufacture a brutal sound. They aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of their sound further with an ethereal Gothic choir captivating with an air of transcendence, or a delicate piano run among the surrounding distortion.

Appealing to fans of extreme metal bands such as AT THE GATES, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE FACELESS and WRETCHED, Abhorrent Obsessions is a hard hitting album forged from the blazing depths.

Travis Lawson Purcell – vocals
Al Arford – bass
Trent Limburg – guitar
Chris Smiley – drums
Ryan Kuder – guitar

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