MODERN RITES – “Monuments” out now

MODERN RITES‘ debut “Monuments“, a powerful collaboration between artists Berg (AARA) and Jonny (KUYASHII), is officially released by Debemur Morti Productions today. With its eerie and cold atmosphere located between TRYPTIKON‘s heaviness and PRONG‘s finesse, the album portrays a unique feeling of loss, isolation, and estrangement.

Mastermind Jonny narrates in an interview with Rock Hard Italy about the musicians’ collaboration:

Even though we started MODERN RITES with a particular sound and inspiration in mind, it did not stop us from finding inspiration in unexpected places. You can probably hear aspects of our separate projects in MODERN RITES, but with a more focused sound. Having another ear to bounce ideas off of has definitely aided in this as we both had musical goals we wanted to accomplish and try outside of our other projects. In a sense, it was a testing ground to overcome musical firsts such as me doing vocals or him writing to fully fleshed out, and oftentimes meandering, bass tracks. All this is to say that MODERN RITES is original and unique to us and our personal growth as musicians.

Monuments” can now be streamed on YouTube as well as Bandcamp and can be ordered on CD, vinyl, and digitally via the label’s EUUS, and Bandcamp shops:

MODERN RITES‘ monolithic fusion between dark Industrial music and melodic Black Metal already received high praise from the press:

The created tension in MODERN RITES‘ music stems from the duet of emotionally heavy riffing and distorted bass lines. […] A well-crafted debut!” (Legacy Magazine)

This album is impressive in its intensity. “Monuments” is an appropriate title.” (Ave Noctum)

With spectacular performances all around, “Monuments” is a winner and one that I think I’ll be coming back to very soon for more atmospheric black metal magic.” (Two Guys Metal Reviews)

MODERN RITES is an Industrial-rooted, melodic Black Metal duo founded in Autumn 2020 by guitarist Berg of Swiss Atmospheric Black Metal band AARA and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/visual artist Jonny Warren of US Experimental Metal band KUYASHII.

Born out of experimentation and a mutual respect for each other’s craft, the pair began trading tracks across borders with the goal of creating a unique sound which would transcend cultural barriers. At the core of MODERN RITES is Jonny’s heavily distorted bass sound inspired by dark Industrial music of the ’90s. The diverging, stereo bass paths create a desolate landscape in which Berg’s guitars are free to open portals into dark atmospheres.

Exploring the bleaker aspects of the human condition, lyrical themes dive into psychology, isolation, conflict, and the ever-evolving shadow self.

Impressed by MODERN RITES’ quality and originality, Debemur Morti Productions will imminently release “Monuments“, a debut album which sets a vast, winding aural path for further experimentation to come.

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