FERAL LORD’s Purity of Corruption Out Now on Vargheist Records / Album Streaming

Vargheist Records has released Purity of Corruption, the full-length debut from dissonant Black Metal duo FERAL LORD. Visit the links below for purchase and streaming options:

Bandcamp (Purchase/Stream):

YouTube (Stream):

“You will be mercilessly hammered, and have your nerves torqued, but be sent musing.”
– No Clean Singing

“Finding their place somewhere between Brendan Auld’s Snorlax and 1349 the duo have managed to create something frostbitten and grim with an undying sense of malice throughout while also being more than the sum of their parts.”
– Metal Noise 

“Feral Lord have produced an underground gem. There’s a depth here amidst the mayhem and chaos, and for people that like to listen to something that has atmosphere and character alongside untamed savagery, then Purity of Corruption is a real treat.”
– Wonderbox Metal

“Undoubtedly a great debut, with many dark melodies hidden in each song. Highly recommended.” (8.5/10)
– Dargedik Rock Metal Zine

“The music of the duo is instinctive, direct, as clear in purpose as in execution, reduced to the bone, essential and honest.”

“Out of the depths of the internet’s further reaches comes an embodiment of frenticism. Feral Lord’s take on black metal may cite such influences as Deathspell Omega, Odraza and Oranssi Pazuzu respectively, but when comparing Purity Of Corruption to more relevant examples I can’t help but draw direct lines to the likes of Acausal Intrusion, whose members are one in the same as Feral Lord.”
– Sputnik Music

 “Extreme metal audiences interested in hearing an album that is wild, but also offers something different (something less traditional) may welcome the furies at work here.”
– Metal Bulletin Zine

The follow-up to 2020 EP Victorious Hellfire is an examination of the beauty in darkness, the strength in evil, and the purity of corruption.

Band members Nythroth (guitar, bass, shrieks) and Cave Ritual (drums) are also members of Acausal Intrusion (I, Voidhanger Records).

FFO: Deathspell Omega, Odraza, and Oranssi Pazuzu.

Track Listing:

  1. Terrestrial Obstructions
  2. Undead Warlord
  3. The Purity of Corruption
  4. Failed Rebirths
  5. Chasm of Horror
  6. Sinister Exultation
  7. In The Realm of the Feral Lord

Artwork by: Micheal Kulick


Nythroth: Guitar bass, and shrieks
Cave Ritual: Drums

Feral Lord Facebook

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