MINUS LIFE – Brisbane’s Metallers Release Artwork For New Album & Visualiser For The Title Track Contorted Reality

Australian extreme heavy metal act Minus Life unleash the title track Contorted Reality from their forthcoming sophomore album. Blending a mixture of thrash/death/black and prog metal influences with an accompaniment of orchestral sound being referred to as a cinematic element, Minus Life deliver a sonic attack on the senses with their first release since reforming after a decade in obscurity. The band also release the amazing artwork and track list for the album Contorted Reality. The release date is 1 October 2021.

Minus Life states: “‘Contorted Reality’ is a song of many journey’s both musically & lyrically.  It kicks off as a swinging, thrashy banger with huge choruses. The whole song is a musical medley with many variables that takes us on a journey, then shifts gears into a prog style breakdown featuring a guitar solo. The drama emanates from the orchestra mixing and with the vocal melodies creates beauty. The crunch of the guitars and bass both contradict and compliment that beauty at the same time. The song’s climax is an epic wall of sound Minus Life is known for and a massive vocal performance with a ton of variation.”

Lyrically, Contorted Reality is about being in different modes of consciousness, a journey through life that has many twists and turns, is it real? Is it not? From the driving verse riffs giving you a sense of comfort and stability to the chorus where the orchestra gives the illusion of confusion then back. Musically, it’s an emotional roller coaster, dark, brooding, a sonic attack on the senses. The solo riff is an awakening of what is occurring, then it tempers down to a serene atmosphere, a break in the chaos before plunging forward into a furious wave of blasting beats and soaring vocals.  Leading to the contorted realization, it all seems untrue.

Pre-order is available at Minus Life‘s Bandcamp page:

Scott Moss – Vocals
Ryan O’Connell – Guitars
Chrisgaar – Bass
Travis Henderson – Drums & Orchestrations

Minus Life formed in 2002 with the common purpose to create a brand of extreme music, that funnelled the essence of their influences, but had its own unique sound. In 2004, the band released their first album ‘Eternal Urban Megacide’ to rave reviews. Minus Life quickly rose to become one of the biggest metal bands out of Brisbane touring nationally.

Their brand of metal was widely embraced and saw them share the stage with Arch Enemy, Slayer, The Haunted, Dark Tranquility, Nevermore, Mastadon, Psycroptic, Alarum, Alchemist, Blood Duster and many more. Minus Life also played large Australian festivals such as Big Day Out (2007), Metal for the Brain (2005 & 2006), Brute Force Festival, Overcranked (2006) and Market Day (2006).

Minus Life disbanded in 2007 but came together again in 2018 with a sold out return show in Brisbane to a 300 capacity venue. The band released a single ‘Manipulation of the Masses’ in 2019 and backed this up with a festival return at Dead of Winter (2019) and sold out double headlining show in 2020. The time has now come for the next chapter in the Minus Life evolution. With the impending release of their sophomore return album ‘Contorted Reality’ in late 2021, the new incarnation is ready to rise once more.


  1. Contorted Reality
  2. Manipulation of the Masses
  3. The Bled Unbroken
  4. The Hypnotist
  5. Death’s Architect
  6. Order Disorder
  7. Negative Thought Process
  8. Bodies on Fire

Get your copy of the album here:

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MINUS LIFE – Brisbane’s Metallers New Album Contorted Reality out now


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