Metal quartet ARKDOWN release new single ‘Harbingers’

‘Harbingers’ streaming now

Photo Credit: Stephen Midgley

UK metal quartet Arkdown have released their punishing new single ‘Harbingers’. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming record Terra Phasma, due for release on 3rd December 2021.

Check out the visualiser for ‘Harbingers’ here:

Stream ‘Harbingers’ here:

The band explain the meaning behind the new single:

“‘Harbingers’ is about betrayal at its core. Broken promises and oppression, being let down and betrayed but finding the strength to move on through that and past it, and hopefully trying to realise that it can make you a stronger person when you emerge from the other side. I’ve been let down and lied to a lot in the past and I guess that Harbingers is a first step in letting whoever has gotten the better of me in the past know that they’re the reason I’m still standing. They’re the reason I am who I am today. Everyone experiences it in some form or another, but if they’re like me they’ll keep it bottled up. I hope that others listening to the song will get the message that they’re not alone, even though it might feel like it when everyone lets you down.”

Arkdown are a four-piece metal band from Sheffield, UK. Formed in late 2015, the quartet draw heavily on modern metalcore and death metal influences, framed by their signature melodic, yet heavy, riff-based style.

Self-releasing their single ‘In Torment’ and their debut EP The Calling whilst touring the length of UK, Arkdown have supported a glut of heavy hitters in the scene, from Fit For An Autopsy and Oceans Ate Alaska, to Kingdom of Giants and A Night in Texas.

With the release of their second standalone single ‘Miasmic’, Arkdown‘s sound matured and extended their reach, as they broke out of the UK to play shows in mainland Europe – before COVID-19 put on the brakes. Arkdown spent that time refining their line-up and sound before working on their upcoming record, Terra Phasma.

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