Norwegian folkish black metal brigade NIFROST reveal new Single + Official Videoclip “Orkja Brotna”

Ever since bursting onto the scene Nifrost has been an unstoppable force in the Viking/pagan black metal realms.

The brand new album “Orkja” has been released recently and it’s still buring. This stunning new single features very special guests like :

Stian from WindirVreid
Espen from Mistur
Iver from Enslaved

Nifrost on “Orkja Brotna” :

“The song ‘Orkja brotna’ is the tale of the mountain ‘Orkja’ – a 948 meters steep and rocky mountain in Jölster (Norway) close to Lake Jölstra, the home-place of two of our band-members. The name of the mountain is taken from the shape of the mountain that resembles a coffin or an ark (‘Orkj’).
The painter Nicolai Astrup has painted this mountain several times, and it is visible in the background in his painting ‘Marzmorgen’ (1920).
This mountain is through the times known for its many avalanches, mud and rock slides, and great floods that has made a great mark on the people in this part of Norway.
There is an old saying from Jölster that says when Orkja falls the world will go under. The mountain had a great significance to the local community, which also had a short recital they used to say:

Orkja brotnar (Orkja crashes down)
Kjerkja flotnar (The church drowns)
Sandneset forgår (Sandneset is swallowed)

Men Øvr-åsen står – (But the high hills still stand)
This song speaks about the panic and fear the Might of Nature causes when it decides to release its powers, and we have seen the last few years and maybe even more this summer that we humans are powerless beings in the hands of Nature.”

Nifrost “Orkja” album can be ordered via  :

Dusktone Store :
Dusktone BC :

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