New Single From Upcoming HELHEIM Album Revealed

On the 29th October, HELHEIM will be back again with “WoduridaR”,  the band’s eleventh full-length album, and one that harks back to the very roots that the band laid down almost 30 years ago. Three decades during  which  HELHEIM have become known as a band that depicts its Norse heritage with an authenticity and integrity that is so often lacking today.

As a taster to an album that is so hotly anticipated, Dark Essence Records have released another single from  “WoduridaR”, this time choosing  the track “Forrang for fiende“, about which the band had this to say: 

The lyrics for ” Forrang for fiende” (Precedence for enemy) are more sinister and are spat out in such a way that perfectly illustrates the feelings of  misanthropy towards the human race.  The musical approach is straight forward Helheim with a touch of rock n roll attitude. All garnished with grim verses and monumental choruses.

Forrang for fiende“, can be streamed or downloaded from a number of services at:

As to the album itself, “WoduridaR”  has allowed HELHEIM to explore further the areas the band found most interesting in their previous two releases, making use of the aggression of  2017’s “LandawarijaR” and expanding the atmosphere and melodies, and the use of clean vocals, found on 2019’s “Rignir”.

The name “WoduridaR” itself is an Old Norse word, which  can be translated as “The Wild Rider”, and lines can be drawn directly between the album’s title to Odin’s many names and meanings.  It is not, however, a concept album, with the tracks being  independent from  each other, and each one free to tell its own story.

It  is, nevertheless, an album that sums of HELHEIM‘s legendary career because, running through the whole of “WoduridaR”, fans will recognise elements from all of HELHEIM’s past albums, as the band explains:

With “WoduridaR” we have returned to the harshness and the paradigms of “LandawarijaR”, with explosive,  mid-paced melodies that have an emotive refrain which summons the northern flames. Helheim never falters, Helheim never surrenders.

“WoduridaR”  was recorded by VULTURE INDUSTRIES’ Bjørnar E. Nilsen at Bergen’s Conclave & Earshot Studio.  With artwork by Tom Korsvold, tracklisting for “WoduridaR”  is as follows:

  1. Vilje av stål
  2. Forrang for fiender
  3. WoduridaR
  4. Åndsfilosofen
  5. Ni s soli sot
  6. Litil vis madr
  7. Tankesmed
  8. Det Kommer i Bølger
  9. Hazard (LP & digital only)

Set for release on Dark Essence Records on the 29th October, “WoduridaR”  will be available in CD, Double Silver LP, and Digital formats, and can now be pre-ordered from:

US Webshop:

More information about HELHEIM can be found on the band’s Facebook page at or on their website at

A video by Costin Chioreanu for the title  track of “WoduridaR”  can  be seen at

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