SHUMAUN’S Progressive Rock Album “Memories & Intuition” Streaming Now!; Featuring An All-Star Lineup

Featuring An All-Star Lineup of Drummers

Ft. Thomas Lang (Peter Gabriel, Paul Gilbert), 
Atma Anur (Jason Becker, Tony Macalpine),
Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Warlord), 
Leo Margarit (Pain of Salvation), and Chris DeChiara

Shumaun (L to R) Jose Mora: Bass, Farhad Hossain: Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Tyler Kim: Guitar

Shumaun, from Virginia, USA are now streaming their third album “Memories & Intuition.” Unlike the previous album, this one is not a concept album. It’s lyrically thematic, but the songs were written to be stand-alone singles, as Farhad Hossain (vocals/guitar/keys) explains:

“I really focused on the craft of songwriting on this album. I think it’s the best collection of songs I’ve ever written. The hard part was making the decision that a song was done and ready to go. You can spend years refining material, but that doesn’t necessarily make a song “better.” Luckily for me, these songs developed rather quickly and naturally. The lyrics by far are my most personal yet. I knew I wanted twelve tracks, so I set off to do just that and nothing more. There were no extra tracks.”

Hossain continues to explain that the members of the band have several more albums in them as there is no shortage of musical ideas at this point. It is hard to say what direction we will go in the future, but it’s exciting because we don’t set limitations on our musical exploration… as this album certainly shows. Melody will always remain an integral part of our music and that will never change, adds Farhad Hossain. 

“Memories & Intuition” is more song-oriented than the previous two albums, but maintains the progressive twists associated with Shumaun. The music is accessible and honest with elements that can be appreciated by a wide spectrum of rock and metal enthusiasts.

Shumaun is recommended for fans of Tool, Rush, and Fates Warning.

“Memories & Intuition” is streaming now via TheProgSpace HERE.

“Memories & Intuition” is out on September 10, 2021 and will be available on digital platforms Shumaun.bandcamp.comSpotifyApple Music.

Album teaser –
Music Video – Memories of Water –
Lyric Video – Under The Sun –
Lyric Video – Intuition Underground – 

Track Listing:
1. A Subtle Invocation (3:20)
2. Prisoners (3:51)
3. Memories of Water (3:33)
4. Jabriel’s Song (5:59)
5. Invincible (7:22)
6. Under the Sun (5:06)
7. The Pursuit of Happiness (5:11)
8. Tides (4:28)
9. Intuition Underground (4:39)
10. Breathing Light (9:00)
11. A Planetary Shift (5:40)
12. The Day We Said Goodbye (5:18)
Album Length: 1:03:26

Album Band Line Up:
Farhad Hossain – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Jose Mora – Bass
Tyler Kim – Guitars
Drums: Thomas Lang (Tracks 2, 5, 9, 10)
Drums: Mark Zonder (Tracks 1, 3)
Drums: Atma Anur (Tracks 4, 7)
Drums: Leo Margarit (Tracks 6, 8)
Drums: Chris DeChiara (Track 11)
Additional keyboards on “Tides” by Bill Whitney

For more info: 

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