JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS streams new SPIRIT COFFIN album at – features member of SORROW

Today, symphonic black/death cult Journey Into Darkness streams the entirety of its highly anticipated third album, Infinite Universe Infinite Death, at heavily trafficked web-portal Set for international release on September 10th via Spirit Coffin Publishing, hear Journey Into Darkness‘ Infinite Universe Infinite Death in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Journey Into Darkness is the solo project of Brett Clarin, ex-guitarist for classic death metal band Sorrow (Roadrunner, 1991-1993). His music manifests as a unique brand of symphonic black/death metal with dark-yet-expansive orchestral layers. Sinister, oppressive, and otherworldly melodies are the focus whilst maintaining a class ear for heaviness and intensity.

Journey Into Darkness‘ third full-length, Infinite Universe Infinite Death, offers more than the previous album’s contemplation of the vast void of space via breathtaking symphonic black metal aplomb but also emphasizes the weight of existential dread conveyed within via an emphasis on doomed and distraught atmospheric death-turns. The mind, the body, and sanity erode in the splendour of nothingness. Focused intently upon creating unity between elements, Clarin’s style remains orchestral and defined by grand melodic statement, but here we witness greater resolve in new shades of doom and dissonance.

“I have been involved with the death and black metal scene since its inception,” says Clarin. “Between 1987-1993, I played guitar in the death metal band Sorrow – formerly Apparition – that released two records on Roadrunner. After the Roadrunner death metal purge in the mid ’90s, Sorrow called it quits. Inspired by the intros and interludes on extreme metal albums, I started Journey Into Darkness in the mid ’90s as an all-synth solo project. After releasing just one album, Life Is a Near Death Experience, the project was put on hold for years. I went on to own a CD/record store and record label (None of the Above) during the ’90s. When I resurrected Journey Into Darkness in 2018, 20 years had passed, but my passion for extreme music never waned. This time, guitars and vocals were added to the compositions to give new dimension to the music. The result is a sound like no other.”

Hear all of it for yourself exclusively HERE, courtesy of Preorder info for all formats can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Journey Into Darkness’ Infinite Universe Infinite Death

1. Leave This Place
2. Infinite Disillusion
3. Scattered Amongst the Stars
4. Cosmic Knot
5. Impossible Universe
6. Infinite Universe, Infinite Death
7. The Briefest Moment
8. Entanglement
9. Infinite Universe, Infinite Death


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