REDEMPTUS – Porto hardcore fueled sludge/post-metal trio drops ‘blackhearted’ LP today; album streaming via Invisible Orang

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Porto hardcore fueled sludge/post-metal squad Redemptus celebrates the release of the 3rd album, blackhearted, in cooperation with Gruesome Records, Raging Planet Records, Regulator Records, and Ring Leader Records in different formats: Vinyl, CD, Cassette, and digital.

Invisible Oranges offered the advanced stream of the full-length ahead of its release (read full feature + stream the album RIGHT HERE).

Redemptus informs:
“‘Blackhearted’ speaks to and for all of us, who’s been struggling with anxiety, stress, difficulty. That’s the thing everybody feels, that’s the thing everybody can identify with — loss, sorrow, suffering — that is the glue; everybody knows what it is like to be through it.

“We wanted to put it out there, to speak about it, to open up ourselves, to share our true emotions, our true fears, and inner demons, to put the stigmas to rest,  to show that there is no problem in being sad or feel down, but that is always better to speak to seek help from one another, knowing that we are in this together.

“An album made by people, for people, without any barriers or concerns regarding music genres.”

Access blackhearted on digital/streaming platforms RIGHT HERE

Formed in 2014, Redemptus has been blurring the lines between metal, hardcore, punk, and progressive music. Truly wearing their heart on their sleeves, the Portuguese trio channels raw, uncontrolled emotion through their heavy music. Over the years, they have frequently been touring Europe, from Portugal to Russia. They played acclaimed festivals and venues such as Amplifest, SWR Barroselas, Vagos Metal Fest, etc., and shared the stage with celebrated names like Neurosis, Napalm Death, Entombed A.D., Glassjaw, Torche, just to name a few. Redemptus has two full-lengths and a split (w/ Brazilian group Basalt) in their arsenal.

The latest album, blackhearted, was written and recorded in 2020. This record is the first release since the band’s lineup change in March 2018, when Pedro Simões replaced Miguel Santos on guitars. Experiencing disquiet in ease and solace in ache, the 10-track album embraces the state of being vulnerable, inviting one to speak up and put self-stigma to rest.  

Get wrecked on the genre-defying extreme music of Redemptus and explore your inner demons and sorrows. 

Track Listing:
01. Blackhearted
02. Heads You Win Tales I Lose
03. Sunk in Perpetual Tidal Waves
04. It Was Never Meant
05. Still Resemble the Silence
06. How Much Pain Can Fit in One’s Chest
07. Forgive and Forget
08. Purged by Light Engulfed by Darkness
09. Swallow the Tears
10. Doomed to Crumble  

 — LINEUP —  
Paulo Rui – Bass, Vocals
Marcos Martins – Drums  
Pedro Simões – Guitars  

 — OTHERS — 
Produced by Redemptus and Dani Valente.
Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Dani Valente at Caos Armado Estúdio.
Music by Redemptus.
Lyrics by Paulo Rui.
Cover Art by Marta Paiva.
Layout by Gruesome Records.

Vasco Reis – Samples on the title track, “blackhearted”
Miguel Santos – Guitars on “Purged by Light Engulfed by Darkness”
Dani Valente – Backing Vocals on “Forgive and Forget” and Guitars on “Swallow the Tears”.

Order (CD, Vinyl, Cassette, Digital):

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