FLESHBORE Release Official Video for “Revivified”

Tech-Death crew FLESHBORE have released the official video for “Revivified,” a track from recently released album Embers Gathering. Check it out at:

Embers Gathering was released August 13 on Innerstrength Records. Purchase/stream at:

“One hell of a fast-changing, body-mangling, mind-blowing carnival ride, one that sometimes seems to hurtle the listener straight off the planet and into the midst of one off-planet menace after another.”
– No Clean Singing

“Fleshbore’s debut brings acts like Dying Fetus or After The Burial to mind. This includes more musical switchbacks and bass slaps though.”
– Metal Injection

“A tremendous first foray into the fray that strikes the balance between technical and accessible.”
– The Independent Voice

“An act that fans of tech and brutality can rally behind, Fleshbore leaves a strong impression. Embers Gathering can be a gut punch as well as tickle the ear with melody and musicianship.” (8/10)
– Dead Rhetoric

“A debut with several influences but a relatively confident, unified vision. This is certainly technical death metal, but it mostly avoids the bloodless, clinical exercises that can overwhelm the genre.”
– Angry Metal Guy

“Unquestionably a damn good package.” (8/10)
– Noob Heavy

“Embers Gathering is a strong and enjoyable release from Fleshbore. If you’re a fan of modern technical death metal, but still want some meat and depth with your songwriting, then make sure you check this out.”
– Wonderbox Metal

“This has a very realized and polished execution for a new band, and the range of motion in the riffing is almost certain to surprise you as time goes on. Don’t overlook this one; you could very well miss the sleeper hit of 2021.”
– MetalBite

“Fleshbore opens us the gates of a violent and technical universe. the band doesn’t hesitate to pick into its several roots to place melodies, rage and heaviness.” (90/10)
– Acta Infernalis

“Embers Gathering will undoubtedly amass these Indianapolis death dealers an ungodly supply of rabid new fans and should make numerous appearances on end of year lists around the world.”
– Hated One Metal Reviews

“Bursting with technical finesse and subtleties. The vocals are partly reminiscent of Obituary and Archspire, but fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless, Sylosis, Cattle Decapitation, Revocation and the like also get their money’s worth.”
– Metal Factory

“With Embers Gathering an elemental and destructive Death Metal tank rolls over the land masses of Indiana.”
– Lack of Lies

“The perfect showcase of just what Fleshbore are capable of.” (8.5/10)
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“While the vocals are pretty brutal, the guitars are far more schizophrenic with everything from odd time signatures, tapping and ear catching melodies deployed through the length of the record with menacing tones.”
– Metal Noise

“Contemporary technical death metal. Entertaining, brutal, sickly.”
– Dargedik Rock Metal Webzine

“A good debut, which is actually really convincing in stages.”
– Vampster

“Sophisticated variable death metal with atmosphere and sufficient forcefulness on such a convincing level.”
– Metalopolis

Embers Gathering is a redefining of the band’s sound, with years of calculated work put into refining the songs. The result is an album filled with ear catching riffs, accompanied with lyrics that relate to personal life events, meeting and overcoming obstacles, and the perspective earned through these experiences.

FLESHBORE recorded the album with Jackson Ward at Strata Recording. Luciferium War Graphics was also recruited to create the visual representation of the album artwork, as well as a new logo that has evolved with the new sound.

Track Listing:

  1. Momentum
  2. Careless Preacher
  3. Cynicism
  4. The Scourge
  5. Embers Gathering [Official Video]
  6. Revivified
  7. One Thousand Hands

FFO: The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless, Sylosis, Cattle Decapitation, and Revocation.


Michael O’Hara – Vocals
Michael McGinley – Guitar
Cole Chavez – Guitar
Cole Daniels – Bass
Tyler Mulkey – Drums


Making their debut in 2017, FLESHBORE independently released two EPs, including the latest installment. Malignancy, in 2018.

Playing shows extensively was a focus. Seeds were planted in the Midwest and along the New England area playing with bands such as Dying Fetus, Rings of Saturn, and Equipoise in support of their debut live performance.

After recruiting Tyler Mulkey on drums and Michael O’Hara on vocals, they released their latest single “Cynicism,” which was recorded along with the rest of their debut full-length album Embers Gathering. Their goal from the band’s formation was to break barriers both musically and mentally, while encouraging others to push themselves to do the same.

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