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Fighting with God” is a debut album of Ukrainian band Hyperboreus released August 29, 2021. It can be rightfully claimed as a concept album discovering different spheres of human life through times, dimensions and spaces. Obviously, there’s no two alike songs on the album. Each of them has its own musical and conceptional idea reflected into music with surgical accuracy in chaotic environment.

Album includes musical researches in progressive death metal, technical death metal, math metal, jazz metal and avant-garde with a big variety of tools. Complicated musical structure is resonating with classical avant-garde music of 20th century, including Cage, Varese, Stockhausen, Xenakis and Stravinsky. It’s briefly seen in different composing methods and interaction between instruments. On a metal side we can see Death, Cynic, Atheist, Sadist, Watchtower, Canvas Solaris, Meshuggah, etc. as a main influence. Summing so different types of music led to the creation of its unique work by sound and composition.

Album discovers such topics as tribal rites (November Custom), personal freedom (Coldened Heart), futuristic sci-fi based on works of Poul Anderson (Three Worlds To Conquer), space researches (Robot Spacewalk), internal conflicts (Convulsive Suffocation, Through The Stream Of Eternity), social interactions (Socialization Instinct), struggle of dissidents against the violation
of rights by tyranny (Dead Dreamer), modern day genocides (Thousand Hills Radio) and homage to classical music and Modest Moussorgski (Gnome).

Guitar work on the album is accurate and eclectic at the same time. There’s a lot of twists and musical ideas crafted into songs with so many riffs and solos. Each of the songs has a numerous riffs on many speeds, so every listener can be magnified by them. Solos vary from slow, doomy roars to hyper speed blasts with unique sounds. Much attention is paid to bass lines. Some of them exist in a shadow of guitars, some carry the grooves with jazzy intensity. Fortunately, bass is not only the part of the orchestra and you can hear bass solos across the record too. Drum kit holds the colossal work in album’s orchestration with great amount of different styles grooves and a huge blast beat work. Some grooves can introduce you into traditional Middle East and Latin music, which take the part of album too. Vocals pointed with growl, harsh and scream roars with impressive intensity combines with clean vocals and modulated echoes. And finally there’s a missing link in this album – wind instruments. Clarinet parts interact with bands huge instrumental work to provide you the best sounds of metal band or even orchestra (if you like) at the same time.

This album is a massive work and can interest a huge number of metal fans, which like extraordinary and experimental metal music releases in its respective subgenres.

Hyperboreus is a Ukraine-based progressive death metal band. Debut album “Fighting with God” is released August 29, 2021.
Originally band was formed on the edge of 2009/2010 and was active during 2010-2012 as a concerting metal act, releasing two demos. After line-up changes, that led band into some sort of hiatus until 2018. During that time members prepared songs for recording from old and a new material. Record was made in October 2020 – May 2021.

Avalanche – guitars, vocals, drums, bass
Nocturnalant – guitars, vocals, bass
Genre: progressive death metal, technical death metal, math metal, jazz metal
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

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