THE SILVER Unveil Harrowing New Single, “Breathe”

The group, which features members of Horrendous and Crypt Sermon, will release their debut full-length Ward of Roses on October 15 via Gilead Media. // “Breathe” premieres today via Decibel Magazine.

photo by: Scott Kinkade

“Flirting with elements of grunge, black metal, progressive rock, and other metallic elements, The Silver’s capricious and versatile sound never stays in one realm for long enough to truly configure any type of definition. Featuring equally as acrobatic vocals, this band’s predilection for the unexpected and surprising, be they dime-turn stylistic changes or unprecedented fusions, The Silver exists temporally, finding influence from many places simultaneously.” – Decibel Magazine

As they prepare for the October 15th release of their debut LP Ward of RosesThe Silver — the new supergroup featuring members of Horrendous and Crypt Sermon — have unveiled the album’s second single, “Breathe.”  The track, clocking in at just over 5 minutes, highlights the band’s penchant for acrobatic instrumentation while vocalist Nick Duchemin’s tortured vocals are on full display, set against Matt Knox’s commanding clean voice.” 

Matt Knox comments on the track, “‘Breathe’ is an ode to the martyrs who’ve entered our lives-both those we’ve sought, and those who were, by chance, given to us. It’s about the pain of knowing that what they’ve sacrificed for you can never be returned, and that despite your best efforts, you are powerless to save them.”  He continues, “Musically, ‘Breathe’ circulates between hazy/faded nostalgic dreamscapes and the raw sufferings of one’s most private Golgotha, evoking all the while the monuments we all build in the name of pain.”

Listen to The Silver’s “Breathe” via Decibel Magazine (or share directly from YouTube).

Album cover by: Paul Romano

An album that deals in blast beats as much as romanticism, Ward of Roses progresses through movements that draw from black metal, goth rock, and other bleak expressions. Featuring brothers Matt and Jamie Knox, joined by Enrique Sagarnaga and newcomer Nick Duchemin, The Silver sounds almost nothing like the members’ other bands—and that’s completely on purpose. “About three years ago, Enrique reached out with the goal of starting a metal band where we weren’t hiding behind the typical metal tropes,” Matt says. “We wanted to do something rooted in black metal sounds without being a black metal band—and with more vulnerable lyrics. We collectively wanted to find the magic in regular human experience, both horrific and sublime. Every song on the record is about one of those experiences.” 

Recorded by Brad Omen at The Convent in Philadelphia, Ward of Roses was mixed and mastered by the Knox brothers’ Horrendous bandmate Damian Herring. The artwork and band logo were created by Paul Romano, whose work has famously graced Mastodon and Hate Eternal album covers, among many others. All told, it is a record that is at once extreme and exposed, steeped in reality and obscured in metaphor. “We took a lot of risks on this record, and we let it organically grow into itself rather than forcing it into any creative boxes,” Matt says. “I felt like I was physically unlocking parts of myself through singing this way. That coincided with other realizations, and everything fell into place. The Silver is a new voice for me. It’s a new voice for all of us.”

The Silver’s Ward of Roses is a record that is at once extreme and exposed, horrific yet beautiful, exploring anxiety, love, loss, and the matters that make us all too human. The album will be available on CD, LP + Digital formats via Gilead Media on October 15th — pre-order here.

Ward of Roses, track listing:

1. …First Utterance

2. Fallow

3. Breathe

4. Vapor

5. Gatekeeper

6. Behold, Five Judges

7. Ward of Roses

8. Then Silence…

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