DEMONIC TEMPLE set release date for new PUTRID CULT / DARK HORIZON album, reveal first track

On November 11th internationally, Putrid Cult in conspiracy with Dark Horizon are proud to present Demonic Temple‘s highly anticipated third album, Through the Stars into the Abyss.

One of the mightiest yet most-overlooked entities of the always-thriving Polish black metal scene, Demonic Temple made their public debut in 2014 with a self-titled demo. From there, the duo of vocalist/drummer N.D. and guitarist M. have created a vast soundworld that’s reverential of black metal’s ancient past but also imbues it with a boundless, ever-fiery imagination. Two full-lengths thus followed, 2017’s Chalice of Nectar Darkness and 2018’s Incrementum, both planting the name Demonic Temple firmly within the minds of the devout while also establishing the band as one of Putrid Cult‘s flagship cults. Meanwhile, as the wider world fell to plague and hysteria, a mightiest monument was being erected…

At last, three years later does it arrive bearing the title Through the Stars into the Abyss. Immediately recognizably Demonic Temple, the band’s third album bursts into being with grandiosity and ceremony, steeped in both the underworld and the cosmos above and beyond. Truly, this dichotomy – the elemental vs. the spectral, density vs. weightlessness, the tangible vs. immaterial – is worked fully and masterfully by the duo, planting forth a second-wave black metal classicism that sparkles with dazzling colors, each one more blinding and brilliant than the last but portending truth and dread at every turn. In fact, the very structure of Through the Stars into the Abyss conveys this magnitude and guides the listener effortlessly across this fearfully illuminating landscape: one scene-setting intro followed by four tracks each within the seven-to-eight-minute range, altogether making for a swift-yet-expansive 34 minutes. Not for nothing would this finessed ‘n’ focused songwriting hit so hard had Demonic Temple not wrapped the record in a production that ably conveys the duo’s live-in-the-studio physicality whilst emitting a unique sense of spaciousness. The catacombs are seemingly endless; the stars loom ominously above.

Putrid Cult and Dark Horizon are honored to co-release this modern classic from Demonic Temple. Dare to go Through the Stars into the Abyss!

Begin daring with the brand-new track “Night of Everlasting Fire” HERE at Black Metal Promotion II. Cover artwork, courtesy of M.M., and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Demonic Temple’s Through the Stars into the Abyss
1. Nox / Intro [1:57]
2. Through the Stars into the Abyss [7:40]
3. Night of Everlasting Fire [7:29]
4. Secret Temple of Invisible Light [8:42]
5. Proclaiming the Truth of the Other Side [7:57]


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