GRÀB unveil new single ‘S’ letzte G’leit’

GRÀB (“old”, “grey)” have unveiled the stately track ‘S’ letzte G’leit’ as the final single taken from their forthcomingalbum Zeitlang” (“Yearning”), which is slated for release on October 1, 2021. The Bavarian black metal outfit have already revealed cover arttracklist, and further details of their harsh debut full-length, which may be viewed below

The title ‘S’ letzte G’leit’ freely translates as “The Funeral Procession”.

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GRÀB comment: “In the song ‘S’ letzte G’leit’, which roughly translates as ‘The Funeral Procession’, finally death comes for the old man, who is the main protagonist of our concept album”, explains singer and poet Grant. “The loner gazes at the moon and she tells him that his time has come. After a long life, the old man feels dead tired and greets the only guest that he ever welcomed to his cottage. Finally, he steps outside, willingly taking the hand of the reaper. And together, they disappear into the dark of night.”

An excerpt and translation of the ‘S’ letzte G’leit’ lyrics:

“Schaugt ma her, håb oiss’ scho g’seng,
is oiwei gråd da gleiche Reng
Menschen kemman, Menschen gängan,
weil ma am End’ alloa dåstängan”

“As it seems, I have seen it all,
for it’s nothing but the same old rain all the time
human beings come and go,
for in the end we all will stand alone”

1. Sched oreidig
2. Nachtkrapp
3. Zeitlang
4. Weizvåda
5. Nordwand
6. A Dåg im Herbst
7. Auf da Roas
8. S’ letzte G’leit
9. A Gråbliacht

“Zeitlang” is the harsh debut full-length of Bavarian black metal act GRÀB featuring founding vocalist Grant. The former DARK FORTRESS frontman has written the entire concept album in a local dialect of Germany’s southernmost Alpine state.

When black metal was redefined particularly in Scandinavia during the early 90s, the style quickly adopted a local component with such bands as ENSLAVED or BORKNAGAR taking inspiration from local history, legends, and language. When black metal became a global phenomenon, more acts chose this path with examples ranging from Romania’s NEGURĂ BUNGET to Cascadian USBM pioneers WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM.

GRÀB, which means “old and grey”, are lyrically following this tradition by telling the story of an old man, who has chosen to withdraw from society into an isolated cottage deep in the mountains, where he reflects on his life while his death edges ever closer. The story on “Zeitlang” (“Yearning”) begins in his early childhood with the song ‘Nachtkrapp’ (“Night Raven”) and continues all the way to his end, which is illuminated by the track ‘A Gråbliacht’ (“A Grave Lantern”).

Musically, GRÀB are picking up the Norwegian strands of early GEHENNA, ULVER, and DARKTHRONE as well as being inspired by German NAGELFAR and LUNAR AURORA. Yet true to their topic, the Bavarians include traditional local elements, which is instrumentally expressed by the use of hammered dulcimer, zither and alphorn.

Vocalist and Bavarian poet Grant views “Zeitlang” as his personal musical legacy. Join the singer and GRÀB on their equally intimate and forceful quest into the dark and stark places of the human mind and Alpine nature where there are no safe spaces.

Release date: October 1, 2021


Grant – vocals, poetry
Gråin – guitar, bass, synth
Seb – drums

Guest musicians

PK (Abigor) – additional lead guitars on ‘Zeitlang’
Schwadorf (Empyrium) – hammered dulcimer and composition on ‘Auf da Roas’ 
Morean (Dark Fortress) – undertone vocals and guitar on ‘Sched oreidig’
Paymon (former Dark Fortress) – keyboard
Diverse guest musicians performing folk instruments

Vocal recording by Stefan Karl at Studio Kagers
Drum recording by Markus Stock at Studio E
Undertone vocal recording of Morean by V. Santura at Woodshed Studio
Mix & mastering by Thomas Taube at Five Lakes Studio

Conceptual artwork by Benjamin König (Sperber Illustrationen)
Gràb logo by Chris Kiesling (Misanthropic Art)
Layout by Dan Capp

Style: Bavarian Black Metal


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