Provectus signs with NECKTWISTER for booking and next album release!

Necktwister is stoked to announce the signing of Belgian black metal band Provectus. Necktwister will be supporting the band with booking and will release the upcoming album.

Provectus is and Old School Black Metal band, founded in Vosselaar, Belgium in 2015. Rooted from the minds of Tempore Anomalia and Obitus, the band tends to revive the spirit of Old School Black Metal, distancing itself from the modern fusions and endless subgenres.

Provectus plays a raw style of black metal, brutal, yet melancholic and not often fueled by sorrow. The band was inspired by early black metal pioneers, like early Immortal and Dissection. Humanity’s existential conditions and questions nurture the lyrical themes, merged with a multitude of philosophical excursions.

Their live performance tends to send chills down the listeners spine. This is an act that stands out at every metal party. Be sure to catch them live when you get the chance. Or book them for your event!

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