ESTERTOR – New Album “Tales From The Ancient Grave” via War Anthem Records – Details and Video revealed

War Anthem Records proudly announces the sophomore full-length of Spanish Thrashers ESTERTOR!

Tales From The Ancient Grave” will be released on 26th November 2021. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Moontower Studios by Javi Félez and is adorned with an artwork by César Valladares.

The album is a tribute to the classic horror movies of the 70’s/80’s (Maniac, The Sentinel, The Thing,…) and offers a mixture of the most furious Thrash like Bathory, Possessed, Sodom or Celtic Frost and old school Death Metal like Death, Massacre, Obituary or Sepultura.

A video clip for the track “Nocturnal Strigoi” is available at this location:

ESTERTOR were formed at the beginning of 2016, composed of veteran musicians of the Catalan Death/Doom/Black Metal scene like Ered, Decapitated Christ, Onirophagus, Wild Road Roller, Falç and Blazemth. In 2017 they released “Buried in Morningside”, their first full-length that compiled old songs and which led them to play all over the peninsula making themselves known in the most evil Thrash scene. 

Pure morbid HORROR THRASH straight from the crypts of Catalonia!


1. Assimilating Flesh

2. Venereal Horror

3. Nocturnal Strigoi

4. The Torch That Corrupted The Earth

5. Blood For Sheetar

6. Repugnant Face Of Death

7. Tales From The Ancient Grave

8. Worship The Black Goat

9. Keeper Of Hell +++ +++

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