SUMMONER’S CIRCLE Conjure Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror With “Apostasy” Off “Chaos Vector”

New Album “Chaos Vector” Out Now! via Blood Blast Distribution

L-R: Invictus (Drums), Y’takt (Bass), Hex (Keys), Blind (Lead Vocals), Gog (Lead Guitar), Azra (Guitar)
Photo Credit: Rachel Craig Media/Joshua Winstead Photography

The third single from Knoxville, USA’s Summoner’s Circle is “Apostasy”, which the music video for is out now via The Circle Pit –

“Apostasy” has a misleading, pretty opening that soon gives way to one of the heaviest offerings off the band’s new album “Chaos Vector” released this past August via Blood Blast Distribution. This song contains a lot of prog influences with a crushing verse and chorus and a grand keyboard solo during the bridge. 

“Chaos Vector” is a concept album that takes great inspiration from Lovecraftian cosmic horror and the single, lyrically, is about the main character having doubts about his occult works as he is forced to sacrifice a pregnant woman bound to an inverted cross. Thus, opening a portal to another dimension and calling forth a beast from the void that rips itself from the woman’s womb and becomes The King In Yellow. The band continues to explain the song:

““Apostasy” was one of the last songs to come together for the album. It’s an incredibly fun song to play and has possibly the most disturbing lyrical content on the album. This song is about that moment of realizing you’ve gone way too deep into the unknown and the only way out is to become an Apostate. Unfortunately for the character in the story, it is too late, and his human sacrifice gives way to a cosmic horror known as The King in Yellow. We enjoy throwing little bits of real Lovecraftian horror into the story and The King in Yellow is our nod to that.”

The band feels that “Chaos Vector” is the strongest material they’ve written to date, leaving behind much of the early doom origins for a much more mature sound that is uniquely that of Summoner’s Circle. This album is the culmination of ever-growing musicianship, new blood, old blood, staying true to their tastes, and growing with new experiences and goals. 

Summoner’s Circle started partly to fill the void in the East Tennessee area in which there were no costumed bands. It was difficult to find members who had proven themselves in other projects and had the drive to succeed. It was not impossible as a lineup was pieced together and they decided on an occult and H.P. Lovecraft theme with a touch of nerdy humor that reflects in their live personas. 

Dark, haunting, beautiful, and heavy Summoner’s Circle set out to take the listener on a cosmic horror journey as if they are reading a Lovecraft story with your ears. Their music is recommended for fans of Opeth, Tribulation and Dimmu Borgir.

“Chaos Vector” was released on August 27th via Blood Blast Distribution and available on all major digital platforms at the following link:

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Track Listing:
1. The Message (1:02)
2. Of Black Horizons (4:00)
3. Vessel (7:34)
4. The Hierophants (5:17)
5. Apostasy (7:45)
6. Chaos Vector (4:05)
7. Terminus Egress (9:12)
8. Chrysalis (1:35)
9. The Beyond (7:43)
Album Length: 48:17

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