EYEMASTER set release date for CALIGARI debut EP, reveal first track

Today, Caligari Records announces November 12th as the international release date for Eyemaster‘s striking debut EP, Charcoaled Remains / Festering Slime, on cassette tape format. The 7″ vinyl version will follow early next year.

Hailing from Germany, Eyemaster formed in early 2020 and began making death metal in earnest. For the band – Janni on vocals and bass, Niels and Moritz on guitar, and Carl on drums – the old ways are the best, and their biggest influences are based on bands like Autopsy, Entombed, Grave, and Mötorhead.

Charcoaled Remains / Festering Slime is Eyemaster‘s debut recording, and it’s a swift & satisfying spin. Indeed, those aforementioned influences are prominent – ancient DEATH METAL reigns over all – but there’s a none-too-subtle rock ‘n’ roll element at play here, making their galloping onslaught hit that much harder and with more memorability than those similarly plying the early ’90s trade. In fact, with the absolutely gutted guitar tone and almost-clanging style of riffing, we can just as easily reference Dismember’s Massive Killing Capacity or even Seance’s Saltrubbed Eyes.

Eyemaster are just beginning to open up, so step inside Charcoaled Remains / Festering Slime post-haste!

Begin stepping inside with the brand-new track “Charcoaled Remains” HERE on Caligari‘s Bandcamp, where both formats can be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Eyemaster’s Charcoled Remains / Festering Slime
1. Side A – Charcoled Remains
2. Side B – Festering Slime

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